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  1. There are definitely some bugs with default ATC in general, but this is not one of them. This is a bug with the recent CRJ update.
  2. Are you using the new version of FSRealistic by any chance?
  3. Thanks Mathijs! I'm excited to try the update. I hope that this update will not be viewed as a "we threw them a bone, so now we can put that behind us for a few months" thing but any larger/more urgent issues that may have slipped the net are looked at sooner rather than later (as busy as Aerosoft may be.)
  4. I agree about the nosewheel steering thing, it's probably one of the most irksome parts of the Aerosoft CRJ currently (how the switch is basically for show.) I'm sure implementing it is not as simple as setting some "nosewheelsteering=0/1" flag in the sim, but I'm sure there are a few different ways it could be cleverly worked around (multiply rudder and tiller axis values by 0 while the switch is off? temporarily bind the rudder/tiller axes to an imaginary/non existent controller axis? that sort of thing...) Anyway, thank you for opening up a bit more and letting your customers know what's going on.
  5. I agree with you Joe, it'd be nice to have a preview of changes, even as changeable (pun intended) as it might be. It'll drum up a bit of anticipation and also allow we humble users the chance to check in on bugs or changes that might have "slipped the net" as it were, especially important as I realize it may be some time before a subsequent update is released.
  6. I hope Aerosoft are willing to put the necessary time into the CRJ update(s) because the potential to be the best regional airliner currently available is certainly there IMHO. The visuals are superb, performance is great, and she's super fun to hand fly. She just needs the rough edges smoothed out and a few features tacked on (such as terrain radar, which I know is coming.) This is one of those products where I'm about 2 steps away from constantly offering gushing recommendations to people who are curious about buying a new addon aircraft, but I can't because it just has those few issues holding it back. It's so close to being on the level of what I consider to be the absolute top tier of payware addons available for any sim, not just MSFS. Please, Aerosoft, give the CRJ the attention it deserves, and I'm sure you'll reap the rewards!
  7. Bump. Hopefully this bug is on the radar for the upcoming update!
  8. I believe this is a bug, but correct me if I'm wrong - turning most (if not all) rotary knobs in the CRJ (such as the heading bug, lighting controls, etc) doesn't make the interaction "click" sound for every turn of the knob, you just hear 2 or 3 clicks in rapid succession and then nothing. I'm assuming it's supposed to be playing the knob sounds continuously as you rotate them.
  9. No, because the altitude is still set for 25,000 in your clip. The autopilot won't do anything in pitch control until you choose VS or speed.
  10. I also recommend checking your VRAM usage. Your 1080 has 8gb VRAM, and depending on your graphics settings and resolution, you could be using 100% of your VRAM, at which point system memory is utilized. This causes major stutters if you reach that point.
  11. I like the acceleration overall, but one issue I have with it is that if you scroll in the opposite direction before that ~2 second window, it keeps the acceleration in the other direction. Scrolling in the opposite direction of the initial acceleration should always instantly reset the acceleration.
  12. Having completed around 20 flights in the Aerosoft CRJ so far, I'm enjoying it a LOT. I can't wait for the update, but please make sure it is well-tested even if it means waiting a few more weeks. On that note, is it possible to apply for beta testing to help iron out bugs?
  13. The just-released PMDG 737 has chocks as well
  14. I get this too occasionally, and turning EFB off/on doesn't clear it... I'm pretty sure it is related to adjusting the brightness level of the EFB, but I think it may not manifest until the next flight is loaded up in the CRJ. Maybe a bug related to attempting to remember the last brightness setting of the EFB?
  15. No issues with the 700/900 on my PC crashing while taxiing. I had one CTD while fiddling with a flight plan in the FMC mid-flight.
  16. When I click the "set payload in simulator" button, the first click moves the weight/balance indicator (whatever you call it), and clicking "set payload in simulator" moves it back to the first position. Is this a bug or expected behavior? Thank you
  17. Thanks for the tip about using the Legs page. Will this bug be addressed in the upcoming patch?
  18. I just purchased the CRJ bundle tonight - happy to hear this. :)
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