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  1. I will try but I have sent several messages to Thomas since he abandoned FSFK and never got a reply Does anyone have any other suggestions? This is too good a program to just let go, whats worse there is simply nothing on the market to replace it!
  2. Thanks, I will try them out and report back(early response) Tried out Crystal idea and error message 1721. there is a problem. The required program cannot be run The other product, Revo unistaller did not even list Flight Keeper This Flight Keeper problem was created by Windows 10 update process Please can someone tell me all the locations to manually delete files related to FSFK Thanks
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Mathijs Unfortunately it didn't work I got the same message as in normal mode Installer could not be accessed, contact support
  4. I just ran the latest windows 10 updates - August 2018 In the process it did something to the Flight Keeper program It will not start and I cannot deinstall it I cannot reinstall it till I deinstall it I have removed Registry entries but something else needs changing When I try to deinstall it I get an error message with number 1721 Can someone guide me thru the deinstall process please
  5. I remember reading some other threads that you have not heard from Thomas for a long long time He closed his own forum up at the end of 2015 and its just about 2018 Despite attempting to contact him via email he never answered me after his forum closed When was the last time you heard from him?
  6. PTA was successfully transferred to another developer who has done an outstanding job updating it for P3D v4 I would request that Aerosoft seek to buy the rights for FS Flight Keeper from Thomas Molitor Then either update this wonderful app themselves or sell it to someone who will Flight Keeper was and still is an unmatched program without real competition The built in flight recorder for P3D is still virtually useless and Flight Keeper was as far as I know financially successful I appreciate that Thomas Molitor was able to create it but he does not appear to have the time to update or continue to support it I am sure there are many FS fans who would love to get their hands on an up to date version of FSFK
  7. Hi there Could someone please answer my question Its been over a week since I last replied to an enquiry Regards
  8. Hi I have checked the occurance of folders in each of the 3 A330 plane variants. I even went through and looked at the aircraft config files looking for duplicate entries and I can't find any Regards
  9. I checked the fsx.cfg file as you suggested but everything was as it should be. The error messages are only coming up for this particular aircraft and not for any others which means about 20 repaints There is definitely only one cfg file on my computer and one such entry in my cfg file. In the cfg file the only other reference to mytraffic is to the traffictoolbox.dll Let me know what else I can check to eliminate this problem Thanks
  10. I recently had to reinstall all FSX software due to main computer crash My Traffic X was reinstalled which works fine in FSX it is just during startup that I have a problem When starting FSX I have to click OK about 20 times to a warning message that sais Multiple objects with same title/name A330-Mypaint01 (20 different numbers appear one after the other) My TrafficaircraftA333MX Please advise how to get rid of this error message
  11. Hi there Just got around to installing the latest beaver update During loading FS9 an error message is shown as follows DHC-2A Amphibian Private Aircraft initialisation failure After clicking OK on this error message FS9 then stops loading and is not able to be used I have looked at the config files but cant see anything wrong Please advise Regards
  12. Favourites : Jayhawk Beaver Amphibian Have Eurowings but since there is no VC they rarely get used now I hope VCs are added by the time fs2006 arrives
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