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  1. Could someone from Aerosoft please tell me what actual data I need so I can get the airport data for FSFK. I can do it by reinstalling P3D but that is a massive waste of time.
  2. I decided to stick with using FSFK for tracking my flights rather than Volanta which has very limited functionality. Obviously I am doing this in the belief that FSFK will be further developed and a proper update for MSFS is coming later this year
  3. According to the MSFS update the AIRAC is fixed. Airifr, did you buy the airport data or get it somewhere else. I have no airports in my FSFK so I am looking for a solution without installing P3D just for that
  4. True, I will buy the update when it comes. It would be nice to get some confirmation that development is continuing though.
  5. Volanta from OrbX has been released so I will give it a go Any official news on progress of FSFK?
  6. Now that Volanta has been released I am going to try it out As it's from OrbX it has to be good Anyone else trying it out I am still hopeful for FSFK but with no official feedback I will move on & come back to FSFK if the opportunity arises
  7. I hope so too, it is such a good app that I have been using since its very first days Still using it to at least record the flight path but there are other things coming to compete If Thomas would just confirm he is on track, then we know we can eagerly wait
  8. I do hope these issues get resolved and Aerosoft updates the app soon as OrbX will soon release their free flight tracker called Volanta. It has already been 3 months since Thomas showed up on the other thread about FSFK FS2020 compatibility in October. Actually since the Volanta announcement Thomas has been silent. We can hope that FSFK goes ahead
  9. airifr, The notes I was referring to were the notes in the beta DL package. I did try to run the database command but effectively nothing happened & I dont have P3D installed anymore on my computer, only FS2020. Did you purchase the data separately from a supplier?
  10. I hope Thomas gets FSFK updated quickly. Now there is Volanta from OrbX to contend with as competition is addition to simtoolkitpro, both of which do a lot more than FSFK currently can
  11. After reading the latest notes, FSFK is not ready to use the database with FS2020, that will come later You have to fill in the airport info for yourself. If this is wrong perhaps someone at Aerosoft can correct me
  12. Can Aerosoft provide some sort of response?
  13. You might also like to try the simtoolkitpro because it supports all 3 major flight sims so if you fly in more than one, you can record all flights in one place Here is the link https://simtoolkitpro.co.uk/
  14. Unfortunately for you I have also switched to MSFS If FSFK is no longer useful you might like to look at simtoolkitpro, a currently free alternative that works with XPlane, P3D & MSFS You can at least use it till you switch to MSFS or stay with P3D and get all the data you need
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