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  1. Forgive my frustrations Mathijs, that is unfortunate and disappointing. I hope you can understand that I, and by the looks of it many others, are very keen to get better sounds and I just hope that the wait will be worth it. Please, please, please can you be more engaging, or get one of the team working on the Twin Otter sounds to give us regular updates or brief ones as things progress so we don’t feel abandoned
  2. The Twin Otter should be finished before other projects other wise I fear that Aerosoft will adopt a strategy of selling several concurrent unfinished projects at the same time and stay silent
  3. This is my local airport 🙂https://fb.watch/ch3j3hSGu3/ I remember when Skybus got its first Twotter. They chose it over a Dornier 228
  4. All of these are with the new Land's End scenery and I must say it's very accurate!
  5. Thanks Mathijs. I too am curious about how the new sounds are coming along. I visited Land's End Airport last weekend
  6. Contemplating whether or not to take off in the middle of storm Eunice at Newquay Airport
  7. I really wish I bought directly from Aerosoft now because of this handy tool
  8. I heard the the Marketplace store gets updated on Fridays
  9. This is my local airport haha I asked the airport manager and Chief Pilot for permission to record sounds before lockdown but I never got round to it as I wasn’t sure about restrictions. They are a good bunch there!
  10. A mind blowingly amazing rendition for MSFS! But ... Here is a sound comparison Expected - Real Life Alternative sim And Aerosoft delivered
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