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  1. Hello Mathijs; Here's the overhead panel compared to the others, on MEDIUM setting: Interestingly, on "High End" the overhead looks much better: Like I said, not a major issue, just very noticeable by comparison. It turns out that I can actually run "High End" without a problem so I will just do that. Thanks!
  2. Hello Aerosoft! Not a massive issue, but I figured I would ask the question in case it was a bug or I was doing something incorrectly etc... The text on the overhead panel looks pretty bad compared to the main panel...becomes pixelated very quickly when zooming in to get a better look at what I am doing up there. Is it a lower resolution or something? I'm somewhat skilled at repainting and tried digging around the .dds files using Photoshop, but probably since I have the market version I could not open them. Thanks!
  3. You need to have the 550 if you want to realistically simulate United Airlines scope clauses.
  4. True, but irrelevant. The purpose of the screenshot was to illustrate how the horizontal FD bar 'froze' in that position after I turned off the autopilot. After the incident shown, I did another test flight under carefully controlled conditions and established conclusively that poor flying is not the cause of this FD failure: - The test approach was initially stable after capturing the LOC and GS on autopilot. - As soon as I disconnected the AP, the FD bar 'froze' and stayed in the same position regardless of how the ILS diamond was moving. - I intentionally followed the erroneous indication for several seconds to see if it would correct itself, but it did not. This left me well below the glideslope. - After I cycled the Approach button off and then on again, the FD "woke up" and had no problem at all guiding me back to the approach path. By that point the aircraft was quite unstable in both position and speed and the FD was perfect. This behavior leads me to suspect that the FD is degrading to PITCH mode on approach without telling anyone (in this case, when I turn the AP off). This may also be happening when the AP is engaged on the initial climb, after I had been previously following the FD in IAS mode. I will test it further. My recommended workaround in the meantime is to always re-select the desired FD vertical mode immediately after turning the AP on or off.
  5. I believe I may have narrowed the issue down... Just did a flight where I captured the LOC and GS while on autopilot at 2000', and it began tracking it with no problem. Then, I turned off the AP at about 1500' and hand-flew according to the FD, which failed to provide accurate guidance (drove me below the GS diamond again). I quickly clicked "APPR" off and on again, and the FD guided me right back up to capture the diamond. I will do some more testing but I think that turning the AP off after capturing the GS is secretly placing the FD into PITCH mode, without giving an annunciation.
  6. I think that's a different problem that seems to have been fixed - FD displayed consistently a bit too low. This issue I'm getting is the FD annunciator says that the LOC and GS are captured but it is doing something altogether different in the background. In the vertical plane, at least.
  7. I have been intercepting the GS without problems; the issue I'm seeing is that at some point after capture the horizontal bar of the Flight Director seems to "lose the plot" and stops giving me any useful advice on how to fly the approach. As you can see in the attached image, I've already started pushing my nose down to chase the diamond but the FD is telling me to fly level...which it had been doing and continued to do even as the diamond went lower. I'm not a 'great pilot', in fact I am awful but as far as I can tell in the situation depicted in the screenshot there is no reason why the FD should be telling me this...unless in the background it still thinks it should be trying to level off at 2700ft which is the GS intercept altitude at BURNY. If I'm doing something wrong I'm happy to learn. For now the plane is largely unflyable for me in anything but VMC, which is sad because I'm really starting to master the descent without VNAV and a crazy stormy approach like this one down into Atlanta would have been incredibly fun were I not trying to fly it on raw data and a broken FD
  8. Makes sense. I think the proper solution was not buying from the marketplace in the first place. I was trying to keep it simple (one account, one install/update path), but alas there can be no winning or fun in Flightsim...you just keep struggling to make things work properly and then you die lol.
  9. Thanks for the word on this. May I propose an out of the box idea to get around the update cycle issue... Would it be possible for Aerosoft to provide (via a forum download) a mod to temporarily fix the Flight Director? I'm thinking it could just be a folder called "AS_FDFix_02Jun21" or something that we could drop into the Community folder. Then once the product gets updated through the normal channels, we just delete the folder and drive on. I don't know if it's even possible, but I like to fly FD a lot so this issue will be a downer for me if it persists for a long time. Thanks! Matt Smith
  10. FYI I just bought this product today on the marketplace (Steam install if that matters)...downloaded/installed once and no United 550. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  11. Old liveries will work with the new product...you just have to tweak them a bit. Check this thread out:
  12. Yes, that is the situation I was referring to - thanks for setting me straight. I've been bouncing back and forth between Boeing and Airbus aircraft models and for some reason I thought the actual speed bug on the display went to S and then F as flaps were added. Sorry to muddy the waters...seems that as I get older I remember everything, whether it happened or not
  13. Gents; Sorry I don't have the required info for a formal report (so disregard if not useful)...my managed speed issue yesterday was having the FMC directly set VAPP immediately upon the automatic transition to approach mode...with my flaps UP 😕 I just managed the speed myself for the approach, but figured it was worth mentioning.
  14. Avsim library has Scandinavian A320 and A321 paints by Lee Grant and Miguel Taboada.
  15. Check the Avsim library for "Lee Grant". He has done a bunch of Delta A320s back in mid-2017 that can easily be converted for use with the 64-bit Airbus by following Stefan Hoffmann's instructions.
  16. You might have better luck contacting one of the guys who have released Easyjet paints directly, to see if they don't mind changing the Registration for you. It would take about 5 minutes compared to hours for a full repaint.
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