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    Aerosoft A320/A321

    The first one is the newer Version for the up to date versions of P3D. Second one is the outdated FSX Version so if you have already the first one and you can run it with P3D there is no need to buy the second one. I recommend you to watch some cold and dark start up Videos and read the Workflows/Checklist for the bus. Once you know them it's a very simple task. PMDG 737 is more complicated in my opinion. Have fun! Victor
  2. After receiving my TCA Officer Pack, i spent my last few days elaborating a workaround (because obviously there will be no Update for the Bus to support the quadrant) for achieving an alignment of the Quadrant detents with the simulated detents of the Aerosoft Airbus. And finally it works fine for me, so i thought i will share it with all of you remaining FSX users, to get the most out of your quadrant! If you have not already installed, you need: FSUIPC4 registered Version and, this is important! (otherwise you get random throttle movement), you need to alter the FSUIPC4.ini:
  3. Only for Airbus Professional i guess? For the FSX Airbus i will have to use FSUIPC am i right?
  4. May I request Air Malta 9H-AHR and 9H-AEJ please? thanks
  5. OMG finally! Thank you so much for this stunning livery!
  6. Someone planning to do an Air Malta A319 livery? Greetings from LOWW
  7. May i request Germanwings A319 IAE old colours and Air Malta A319 new colours? Kind regards!
  8. Air Malta A319 please! kind regards
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