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  1. Oh, I see. I will still try to figure out what is the cause on software, on hardware. If ever I come to solution. I will report to you. Hope it will help others having similar problems. Nothing complete in this world and important here is, I still can fly this beautiful bird anyways. I appreciate your good support. Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas! Yuki
  2. Never `reliable' means I am not telling true? Anyways, at least, I can fly and finish flights if I'm careful enough not to change view while ATC opened. Thanks a lot for this beautiful bird.
  3. Yes, I tried with other AC. It happens only A330. I installed A318-321, PMDG, Carenado, etc Hu----m, It's happening only me again....................
  4. Finally, I reached to conclusion of the problem. I done clean install of P3d4, A330 re-installed and updated to ver All other related windows, graphic card drivers updated. No more CTD anymore with changing view. But still, there in one problem. While ATC text window open and change view from VC to external, it cause 100% P3d hungs. Not CTD but hung(Freeze). Cannot play anymore. Without ATC window open, everything goes OK. Any help? Yuki
  5. Cpt, Bambi, It's good to hear that. I tried to reproduce error for investigation but never tried to avoid that. If we can fly well without ATC leave opened, we can be very careful all the time not to leave it opened. I took a flight this afternoon in real world to move to Taiwan. I will try to fly A330 to check when I come home on weekend. Also others, I hope all of you can find a way to fix the CTD problem. Let's keep on share if ever you have new findings for solution. I believe all of you loves this bird, excellent g
  6. I notice when I leave ATC window opend in VC then 1)use view bar to change view 2)change view to external 3)open Map view all the time 100% P3D hangs and goes to CTD. Anyways, I will try to have clean install of P3d over the weekend. BTW, what Graphic card are you guys using? Mine is NVDIA 1070ti. If we all use same card, it might be some compatibility issue with card?
  7. If it sounds offensive for you, sorry about it. No offensive feelings at all. I simply express that I feel very curious. Anyways, I will try to do clean install of P3D thanks
  8. Re-installed Client and Content. No Joy. I noticed everytime I open ATC window and change view to external view, P3D hangs. Not immediately CTD. I can still here sounds but hungs and P3d doesn't respond anymore. Maybe I have to make totally clean install.
  9. Yup Mathijs. I re-install client already but no joy. But anyways, I will try again to re-install. Need to re-install only client but also content? or content also?
  10. Yeah Mathijs, I tried already. Remove & re-install client. I know most of them having no problem. Maybe I am very unlucky guy. Anyways, I appreciate your kind assistance. Thanks Yuki
  11. P3D version is "" WIN10, i7-9700K, Nvdia 1070ti. AS4, EF5 installed. All drivers updated. GSX2 installed but not using for pushback. In my case, CDT will happen anywhere not only on ground but up in the air.
  12. Thanks Mathijs. So far, when I use view bar to change view, to open map view, and change view from cockpit to external while open ATC window, most of the time, P3D hungs and CTD. I will do far more test & investigation and get you back. Thanks for your kind assistance yuki
  13. Captain Bambi, In your case, ATC window opened when hang or CTD happened? How about when you open Map? No CTD or Hang? Hope guys from Aerosoft can give us some idea to solve this. Yuki
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