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  1. The one and only https://fselite.net/video/interview-with-aerosofts-mathijs-kok/
  2. If Old Prop did an A330 immersion, that would benefit both companies. Of course I’m buying the 330 on day one but if they come with an immersion, you can also guess what I’m buying day one
  3. Alright Mathjis. I purchased my model after 2 months of staring at it. You have the ultimate OK to release now
  4. Could just be that the pilots were really good, but also, one thing to compensate, the A330 gear sags waaay more than most aircraft like comparing to the 777, 757, 767, 787, etc. therefore if you flare, the bottom gear will touch and once spoilers start rising and converting the aircraft weight from the wings to the gear, the rest of the body will gradually go down. That’s one thing why the black box flare logic is completely screwed on their aircraft. If you’ve ever tried the 30 minute or so free demo, try out the flare logic. You pretty much bounce like 10 feet in the air after touching the ground.
  5. Just a quick tip for those of you who keep on asking about whether the A330 is going to come out before Cross The Pond for the reason of what routes to take. I suggest doing what I did. Choose a route that operates another plane in your hangar and the A330. I just booked JFK - LHR and I'll fly the BAW B744 or B77W. And if the A330 comes out before then, I'll do the Virgin Atlantic A333 op from JFK-LHR so I can still do a realistic route with the correct aircraft type with my booking and only just change my callsign in my booking to Virgin Atlantic. That's all I can come up with for now. Just thought this would help with anyone who has been planning the same thing I have.
  6. Quick question. I've heard that the range knobs on the 330 aren't linked. Will that be the same for terrain, wx, and vor needles being on the same displays? For example, can I have the pilot flying display show WX, and the first officer display showing terrain?
  7. Yes. I completely agree with the statements on not implementing brake smoke. I'd much rather have you guys put that time into other things in the project. Again thanks so much for this project! Also, I asked this question earlier but didn't get a response, but out of curiosity, I saw in the Airbus X-Series you guys put the "retard" callout after 20 feet was stated from GPWS, but in the Airbus 320 Professional, I see that the retard callout happens before or even as it's stating 20 feet AGL. Will this be fixed with the A330? I know it's small but it's just one thing that bugs me. But great job on the aicraft! She's looking like an absolute beauty as of right now!
  8. The A330 is meant to not model failure, only normal, usual flight operations. However, personally, I only do failures on smaller aircraft because this will likely be my plane used for overnight long hauls whilst I sleep and likely some short hops around Europe. When the 330 drops I'm flying that thing all around Europe
  9. Hey! Just another quick question. I noticed when watching your guys' A320 professional products I see when landing, you hear the retard callout while the GPWS is calling 20 at the same time. Will this small bug be fixed in the A330 at time of release? I know I know it's a small thing but was just curious Brian
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