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  1. Big thank you for the support!Even though i got it working i will install the bus as you recomended.I guess i can use the same technic for airport addons.
  2. I may have solved it.Seem like my flytampa scenerys were the problem.Maybe i installed then the wrong way or something
  3. I have p3d installed on my d: and the bus in p3d v4 folder. So not on the same drive as windows
  4. Well ive recently got p3d 4.4 on my windows 10 machine and installed a320 professional. Now p3d wont load correctly.I run as administrator but it crashes before p3d splash screen. Ive tried to uninstall and reinstall a couple of times. I read in a different thread that raas could cause problems so i didnt istall that.Really dont know what to do? System I5 8600k 3.6ghz(unclocked) 16gb hyper x fury 2666 Asus prime z370a Gtx 1060 6gb Windows 10 pro
  5. Ok i understand.From what a read on Skalarki's site their p&p units were compatible with airbus x.I hope they are willing to maybe update their drivers so it can be used with airbus for V4.
  6. Flytampa did NOT develop their EHAM in a few month's.From where did you get that info?
  7. Here's my single seat trainer.737NG is my plane of choise: )
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