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  1. Click the left button next to search box snd you will get the efb keyboard
  2. We just tested the A319 and it seems most switched do have the ability to sync up but its extremely intermittent weather the data actually gets sent to the PM/PF. its either really slow or doesn't sync until something that does sync gets pressed. Its nowhere near the same as the 330. I would say this makes the small buses unflyable in CFD until they are of the same standard as the 330 or better. its extremely hard to pinpoint what does and what doesn't sync up since its so intermittent and seems to either take a long time to realize buttons have been pressed or it doesn't realize at all. is this something other would agree with or do people actually have the small buses working really well in CFD? during the 330 test we did we did find that at some points it seemed like messages were not being passed but a lot less noticeable than in the small bus. Do the servers sometime have issues or could it be a firewall issue or something? I can direct ping my partner with 30ms and no packet loss. we have had a successful flight in the 330 but never managed in the small bus due to not being in sync enough. were in the uk both of us so wouldn't expect it to take so long to send and receive from the aerosoft server. these tests were done at 2200z so would not expect our or your traffic load to be so high that it could cause this.
  3. we found that using the handle to release the parking break and make sure your hardware is the same and setup the same worked. if i now release with diff brakes then my partner has to tap his to deactivate them his end. its easier to just use the PB command to disconnect not the foot brakes.
  4. Hey so in the 330 just about everything is fine. In the small busses we get all connected but noting we do is sent across to the other pilot. We will try again today see if it was just us.
  5. Hey Dave Im more trying to make sure my install is how it should be that CFD pretty much is perfect in A330 but basically nothing syncs in the smaller airbuses.
  6. No the ones on the updater. We have found that the CFD page still has the Duel input option available. Is this correct? We have tried the 330 and it works really nice but found that the baby busses CFD seems to do nothing. Were following the exact same connecting process. running and the 318-321.
  7. Is this still a file needed to get CFD to work in the small busses.
  8. I disagree the baby busses do not sync at all i have all the latest Beta updates and the baby busses CFD just does not work. The 330 is really nice m. Is there some kind of back door update for the baby busses CFD? We have tried both and the 330 has full CFD sync and we tine nothing syncs in the smaller busses.
  9. yer but will the smaller buses be at least bought up to the same level as the 330 soon or we stuck only enjoying the function in the 330 for the foreseeable future? the 330 cfd is pretty much there for me just need the same level in small buses.
  10. Great ill try it. Not sure how its corrupt. All i did was update.
  11. I checked its in there but maybe corrupted ill try a reinstall?
  12. Also can EFB not be made into a option we can disable? Some of us don't actually use it??
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