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  1. Jetway loading through GSX boarding loads the correct weight but busses will load the weight of the first 90 pax then resets the pax act figure to 0 when it starts to load the next bus. I think this is an issue being fixed correct? I have assistance service auto mode off and multiple trips on in GSX. If i use the aircraft boarding button in the mcdu3 it doesn't call gsx to load pax just uses the aircraft system to do it. Do I need assistance service auto mode on for the aircraft to call gsx boarding to start? or is just not integrated for the aircraft to call catering and boarding?
  2. Ok so today I discovered that you can initiate the whole gsx sequence by setting the mcdu3 the click fuel then the aircraft calls the refuel truck for you. i did not know this so have been setting then opening gsx myself for the truck then it wouldn't work as the fuel button wouldn't work. now i know this i should be fine with how it works so fuelling initiated through the mcdu3 then i can call gsx catering and boarding,
  3. have run FSDT live update and will see how it fairs tomorrow.
  4. Dave, I mean no need to delete it could help someone else who was looking its just not what i was trying to get help with.
  5. Dude this is nothing to do with what I was asking while I appreciate you talking the time I simply didn't ask. I am more looking on how to get GSX working correctly as it seems to misbehave. I don't need any help with fuel or payload calculations I want to know how to get GSX working well with the Airbus. The airlines I fly with already give me that. I fully understand and can operate the fuel planner but choose not to use it I merely enter the load I want in the MCDU3 I load plan and trim aircraft for my real life job in the air force so fully understand the principles involved.
  6. your question confuses me. I use simbrief which gives me my ZFW and I just use 26 as the CG each time in MCDU3 so its 0.8 up takeoff trim.I enter pax figure then i enter cargo to make the ZFW right then add the fuel in the fuel box. then i use gsx to load fuel followed by catering then pax. im not sure what you asking? you dont have to use the external planner if you use simbrief or similar. i used to use it when i didnt use simbrief. now i dont.
  7. ok when was it solved? I ran live update 4 days ago.
  8. Patrick thanks but i dont use the load planner no need too as i use simbrief for fuel and load figures so i just use the MCDU3. Hnase I have been using the MCDU3 to put the payload in but when i start fuelling with gsx the truck plugs in and asks me to use the aircraft system but i cannot click the fuel button it used to be automatic. fuelling should be done before pax as in real world.
  9. ok so i enter the details for the load now should i use gsx to start the process of boarding or should i use the mcdu button to start the process? seems to be working differently to the last update.
  10. I don't have a fuelling issue my issue is to do with the gross weight resetting when you use busses to load pax. Loads the wight for the first bus then resets and loads the weight for the second bus.
  11. not tried recently will try and let you know but yer i think i have estimate pax unticked and mutiple trips ticked
  12. so turbulence will never show for ASp4 what about Rex weather engine does that show turbulence?
  13. GSX is set to yes in my MCDU im talking about in the gsx settings should i allow it to estimate or not currently i dont allow estimating so it reads the mcdu. and gsx set to yes in the options mcdu
  14. Ok. Out of interest do you guys tick or untick the gsx box that estimates pax? Mine is i ticked so it auto placed what i put in the mcdu into gsx but i have to confirm the number first.
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