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  1. matty260191

    Managed speed issues

    that what I though if they can see what I do then they can maybe see a reason for it. have done 3 flights since this one without issue.
  2. matty260191

    Managed speed issues

    seems to happen on longer flights and I fly the 321. 8770K @ 4.8 2 x 1080s 32gb 3000mhz RAM M2 SSD win 10 pro P3d 4.3 update
  3. matty260191

    Managed speed issues

    yer you can see just after departure even though managed speed says 250 and everything is correct its sets 230 as managed then i checked before descent and it was 124kts if i set managed
  4. matty260191

    Managed speed issues

    happened on this flight
  5. matty260191

    T/C unstable

    thanks you
  6. matty260191

    T/C unstable

    think its maybe just fog it was a foggy departure. maybe to do with my activesky or reflective settings
  7. matty260191

    T/C unstable

    Hey I did it on the ground while setting up the FMGC but not during the climb. Glad to hear you are working on it alreasy thank you for your reply.
  8. matty260191

    T/C unstable

    so the last couple of flights something weird is happening in climb phase. On the FMGC CLB page it just cannot decide how far T/C is away it is jumping from like -1000 to 300nm away. once i finish this flight ill attach the vido you can see it happening. im doing everything correct all pages filled out correct and didn't happen on the same flights before Christmas. I have updated to whatever the latest experimental one is. flying the 321.
  9. matty260191

    Strange Managed Speed problem

    hey currently streaming I have the issue when I land ill send a link here to the video to see if you can get any help with this. only started happening after recent updates
  10. matty260191

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    just to add the same thing happening on my flights since the last 2 updates. i wondered what had happened when the aircraft decided it was gonna go slow so have to fly selected speed to keep the speeds right. it didnt happen until late on the last flight but the same flight flown again its happened after thrust reduction. no constraints in just didnt see the correct mannaged speed in the mcdu.
  11. matty260191

    Lights flicker

    nope I dunno why it stopped but have switched back to 30Hz refresh and vsync and its back so must be related to that.
  12. matty260191

    Lights flicker

    2 X 1080's and whatever the latest is.
  13. matty260191

    SID Altitude Constraint not enforced

    so we still bust SID constraints on departure. is this not a priority to get fixed? its a pretty big part of what the automation of the airbus does.
  14. matty260191

    Not following ascent/descent path

    can confirm 320/321 managed decent follows the decent path much better.