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  1. trying to download 319/319 from the store instant downloads it gets half way and fails.
  2. nope its doesn't not if i also edit the distribution all works perfect for me cheers.
  3. Will aerosoft ever be committing to making CFD work well? Si many switches that don't sync that you may as-well fly alone. The new server based CFD has nit even reached the level that the direct connection CFD did. Although its advertised as very Aloha it is a big selling point for their airbuses.
  4. yes for now maybe at some point they will implement it. you can enter to the box but i have never seen it change anything.
  5. maybe like in the smaller busses it does nothing.
  6. Ill try loading a default texture but I cannot need a reinstall already its fresh windows fresh sim and fresh 330 install. Like I said ill just work around it as annoying as it is.
  7. Ab ok yer i agree mines just from the startup screen. Think you said you have the same issue?
  8. Yes i did a complete fresh install of my PC and sim like a week ago and downloaded the full HF2 installer.
  9. Update: no joy did the fixer still same guess its other things but real strange doesn't do it with QW or PMDG. Ill keep working around. Ill try doing a restart of PC too. But gitta go bed now Ill also try a fresh install of .NET after fixer
  10. hi Dave came here from the other post yes I have other stuff orbx fsdt etc installed and I am running HF2 as was asked. I guess ill try .net fixer and if not ill get round it as I have been for a while now
  12. So if you dint have break axis set this will occur if you apply any break and rudder. I have Axis on toe breaks so it works perfectly. All i could say is maybe your applying break while using the rudder to steer?
  13. Ok so I made a flight yesterday using my fuel planner all I changed was the pax weight and the total pax we can load along with distribution. 26/Up4.5 worked great as the fuel planner is not the issue and I used GSX and it worked fine but I'm not sure if the CofG of the aircraft actually matched what the CofG the fuel planner was saying. Obviously I will look forward to the GSX fix. Im pretty sure the CofG was still incorrect. The next flight I do I will only Use the MCDU3 and only instant load. Ill let you know how that goes. And provide the vid link so you can see.
  14. I never Said it was a fuel problem per say and I agree Dave its not a fuel problem it just dropped the fuel after activesky closed causing the stupidly high IAS and what looked like a major engine surge because of it. I have also added to the EFOB post as this 330 does not calculate it correctly as the A318-321s do. At takeoff as-long as all MCDU data is filled and winds entered I do find that the EFOB is extremely accurate on the 318-321s but the 330 seems to have an issue with it. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/149130-a330-efob/&do=findComment&comment=958327
  15. I have not had the same issue if it closes with and PMDG i fly them all or the A319-321. i disagree not much default i will check yours out but i have no issue while activesky is running. i cant see your attatchent
  16. Read my post activesky closed thats all
  17. Prepar3DOptions.CFG i would send an AS log but i have used it since so will that be overridden?
  18. i have edited the fuel planner xml to get 440 pax max.
  19. hey it was now I think the issue may have been the unusual strong tail wind. maybe the pressure? i wonder if you can set yourself a headwind of 100+kts using active sky at .82 at FL390 then close AS and see if it happens your end? AS_P3Dv4.cfg I know when i close activesky it then sends the sim into a CAVOK condition rather than keeping the weather thats there.
  20. hi OK so i haven't reported this as i assumed it was an issue my end but for a while now I cannot load directly into the sim with any of the Airbus Pro aircraft. I have a fresh windows 10 fully up to date with VC++ is fully up to date and all the aerosoft Airbuses up to date. Its a fresh install of latest P3D4. I have to load the simulator first scenario using any other aircraft then once loaded i change to the airbus and its just fine. If i dont do this it gets a KERNELBASE.dll base error and CTD no warnings. i know your gonna insist its my PC but how can that be with a fresh windows and a fresh sim and a fresh install and all updates done. it only happens with the airbus pro series and no other aircraft. this tells me it has to be something the Airbuses do on load up if they are loading the first scenario. my default flight is in a default J3 but i have tried using others to see if it was that.
  21. just watched the vid goes from 26000kg to 10000kg fuel so 16000kg loss.
  22. One way round this is turn the gsx estimate pax number off and just tell it each time how many to load.
  23. matty260191

    A330 EFOB

    Hi dave while this doesn't relate to my post I can say the same is happening to me. For example when I fly the A320 series from you guys I fill in all the MCDU pages then once flight plan is in I import the winds into it. This gives the accurate EFOB at destination and it doesn't change more that 200KG during flight as the MCDU takes the winds into account. And predicts the time of arrival accurate even while taxing. But doing the exact same in the A330 is seems its not seeing or possible just calculating the EFOB wrong even with winds all in the MCDU. The time is also mis calculating. Seems like its possible that the MCDU is ignoring the wind input. With the A330 it tends to say I'm going to land with negative EFOB. This then creeps up to a more accurate figure. This is not the same behaviour I experience in the A320 series. It really seems like its behaving like the 320 did before we had wind input available to us. Meaning the time and EFOB were not accurate and could change alit over a long flight. I believe this guys issue is actually a bug. I have seen similar reported by others also. Look the products great and we all knew we would be reporting thing for fixing. Kind Regards.
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