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  1. Hello, normally yes, derated. Too bad, Christian seams no longer replying to any eMails or something else ­čś× I miss also in Topcat something...there i am not able to select Contaminated Rwy as example. There is only a Option for DRY/WET conditions. ( B737-800NG ) Thanks Matthias
  2. Hello, i am using Prosim737 and see on every Flightplan a difference between the Fuel consumption in the Flightplan and what the Aircraft in Sim uses. Thats ONLY during climb !! I mean to remember, there was anywhere a Fuel Bias for the Climb Phase only, because the cruise Fuel consumption is correct. Where can i eneter this Climb Bias, i can not find it anymore. Matthias
  3. Hello, i wonder if there is still any Support for Topcat? I am wondering why i can only select DRY and WET for the RWY Condition when selecting B737-800 or B737-800 BBJ2 as Aircraft Profile? Why is there no Contaminated or other option ? Matthias
  4. the OFP... i dont know for what, but ok, here it is (Document).pdf
  5. the latest of PFPX file is attached EDDPEDDF01.sfp
  6. I know, but vPilot can read *.sfp plans. But PFPX exports in the the Altitude line a "/" at the end: Altitude=200/ but it should be without the slash. With the Slash you get a error while importing in vPilot. Matthias
  7. Hello, i tried to export a Flightplan to vPilot as sfp ( Squawkbox3 and higher option ) but i get always a error. "The string has the wrong Format" see Picture. Isnt there a option possible to export directly to vPilot in vfp ? Matthias ---------------- Found the Problem: in the Exported file in the Altitude line is a / at the end which should not be there: Altitude=200/ Matthias
  8. ahh, i see my mistake, sorry. The STD from the FPL was 1400 and now its 1000. So PFPX calculated correct. I changed that and now its equal. Thanks for explaining that !! Matthias
  9. Hmm, but i am still confused with that ... sorry. So, the weather strings in RED is the actual wether in LOWW, left in PFPX and right in Topcat, bot atual. Must they not be the same, because both of them are wether and Taf ( if iam right ). But there are differences. The one in BLUE should be the Takeoff Weather because it it the T/O Calculation in Topcat ( or am i wrong ? ) I am confused... ­čÖé Matthias
  10. Hello, but i did a weather update in TOPCAT and PFPX hav always the actual weather, i mean there is no update to do. Forecast: Ahh, the Weater in the bottom of the PFPX Window is the Forecast ? .. ok, but where is that weather ? In Topcat i could not find it also not in the Weather windwo. I dont understand that i think. Matthias
  11. Hello, i have planned a testflight LOWW-EDDE. During the preflight i try to calculate the T/O Performance in PFPX ( Topcat is also available ) During that i see some differences in the Weather forecast. The sources are Online ( NOAA ) in both , PFPX and also Topcat. What can be the reason for that ? See attached picture Edit: I hold the Mouse over the Header of LOWW bottom of the PFPX Takeoff calc Window and also there the Wind is different between the Tooltip Window and the Calculation Window. See another attached Picture Matthias
  12. Naja, das mit dem Gewicht ist ja nicht soooo wichtig. Es w├Ąre schon sch├Ân wenn man erstens einen Frachter richtig konfigurieren k├Ânnte, also B├Ąnder und HighLoader dort dran wo sie hingeh├Âren und wenn man die Ent- Beladung dann laut Loadeditor meinetwegen simulieren k├Ânnte. Also das dann so kleine Schlepper mit Containern kommen und der HiLo die dann in den Flieger bef├Ârdert so ├Ąhnlich wie bei der Captainsim B757F. Ich w├╝rde auch realistische Ladepl├Ąne zur Verf├╝gung stellen ! Matthias
  13. Wowowow....was macht der eine Typ da an dem Bugrad ???? Ist der etwa lebensm├╝de ??? Bei uns darf da keiner hin bevor nicht der Marshaller, wenn denn einer da ist da wir ein Docking System haben, die St├Ąbchen gekreuzt hat. Matthias
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