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  1. Hola Henrique, a mi tampoco me funciona con la versión 1.1 en prepar3d v4.5 un saludo
  2. Hi Dave ok, this evening I already download the last experimental versión and this the versión that present this issue. Rgds
  3. Hi guys, with the last version of the product v and with the old verion and flying prepar3d v4.3 the indicator of FOB present wrong information, attached image:
  4. Ok Mathijs, sounds good thanks for your answer. Regards
  5. Hi guys, first of all congratulations for this fantastic product developed with a lot sweetie, stable and with a good performance to take max. advantage of the video card. Testing and flying the aircraft, I only have one point where I m not very happy, and this is the difficulty to reduce the speed without push descending the aircraft, I dont lnow if it´s realistic or not because Im not a pilot in the real life, but descending with a rate of -2000 or more ft with the thurst in idle, the aircraft for reduce speed below 250 include putting speed brake, take too long time. Equal if below 10.000 f and trying to mantain 240, wihtout speed brakes imposible. This is the behaivour expected for the aircraft, aerosoft Will implement a improve for the future in the dynamics?. thanks a lot JLA
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