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  1. Just looked at the RAD file from Eurocontrol LO4041 Dep:LOWW arr:LOWI via:STAR SBG not above FL225 so its setup wrong in the RAD file, cause it only apply able if the STAR SBG is used
  2. just saw there is also the SBG restriction for the lower Austria routing, where you never come near SBG. hopefully that solve the problem
  3. I don't arrive via SBG so that level cap is not applyable. (its due SBG arrival otherwise fly into EDMM airspace) don't think its happening due A/C cause this are the default settings of the Aircrafts. Same scenario happen if I try to plan with B738 also with that routing which is also a valid routing
  4. Hello all having a big FL bug at the moment in my PFPX. First I already deinstalled and reinstalled PFPX and loadet the current airac 2003 and the RAD for it, anything else is standart. I created a new Flightmodel for the A321-211 with the engine CFM-5B3P. Routing LOWW SOVI2B SOVIL DCT SITNI DCT BAGSI DCT MATIG DCT NANIT NANI2A LOWI If PFPX plans the altitude with OPT, he is calculating FL160, which is too low. If PFPX plans the altitude with MAX, he is calculating FL220, which is still too low. If I plan with FL240 or higher, I receive f
  5. OK now found the problem. there seems to be a Problem with ZIBO 737 (V3.34) at the moment. the standart B737 works fine. sorry for the inconvenience, but according developer list it should normaly work. so for my side problem is solved
  6. had now session lib also installed in accordance to your manual, but still no success. also checked if the sam libary is automaticly attached to the scenery_pack.ini file, which is also correct. for confirmation, I only testet on Standard scenery from Xplane, so it's not a problem due customized scenery.
  7. the only thing is that sessions is not installed, but this should not needet for the jetways. Have tried EGLL, EDDE and EDDV without success. download now the sessions to be 100% shure that it is not mandatory. but any other clues?
  8. Hello to all I have bought few moments ago the Worldjetways and according your describtion, it should replace the standart jetways. In fact there is no manual for it (only how to activate), and on my standart EDDV it didn't replace the jetway. as you can see on the picture there is no possibility to connect the jetway. also in the authority tool, there is no jetway available in a distance of 10km any help will be nice nice regards Patrick
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