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  1. Thomas Thank you, so much for giving us your precious time and some contribution to Nepal, which was seriously needed as Nepal Airlines was never ever created before for this community. Earlier Yeti & Tara Air is repainted by My Friend Holgi, a very thanks to him. You are not only a good repainter but also a nice human being with a golden heart. Few days back I requested you, I was not knowing it will be fulfilled so fast. The repaint is looking very impressive, specially the x4096 textures. God Bless You, Keep the good work going. Best Regards Sukhdeep Singh
  2. Thanks, Holgi for Your Efforts & Contribution for Nepal. Downloaded, now its time to enjoy your Tara Air repaint.
  3. That's why they are known as great Repainters. As I assume it is not easy to repaint and that is the reason we have very less repainters. We can easily count on our fingers how many repainters we have. Hope so in coming days we will have more repainters.
  4. Dear Siddhant, I am not sure but in preview pages Daniel has shown Nepal Airlines W.I.P Picture. And I guess Holgi will be working on Tara Air Cheers
  5. Great repaint from one of the Greatest Repainter "Holgi". In future love to see Nepal Airlines livery from Holgi. Cheers
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