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    Hot Brakes

    I get the ECAM message although I think it triggered at over 600oC, I believe it should trigger at 300. Not sure how viable it is to have a brake glow such as the PMDG777, but it would be a nice addition if possible.
  2. @Tom A320 In fact, sometime ago Mathijs offered me some free scenery for helping identify a very early CTD in P3D. The support and service I got was superb and I decided not to take the offer of the free scenery as I am happier supporting good companies. If Aerosoft do not feel any empathy for those that paid more today then perhaps you could pick the first person who paid the full price unnecessarily (probably one of your biggest fans I might add), and donate said free scenery to them. If you dont feel empathy for those people I do. I appreciate this is a busy and stressful day, but as an observer who actually got the discounted price, I dont think what Ive seen today is the real Aerosoft, nor the real Mathijs, Well, I wouldnt like to think it is anyway.
  3. @TomA320 I do not think this comparison works. With the coffee, you have a choice of which you pay for. The choice today was wait or pay more, that suddenly changed, for the better obviously and well done for that. I do not think its fair that those MOST loyal customers who chose to buy and pay more than wait are then shot down and their voice cut off. If I went to buy a BMW and the salesman had a sign showing a discounted price which then I dont have access to and an hour later as I sign my contract someone else walks in and gets the discounted price, should I be happy I got what I paid for? Again, its just not cricket. You should be striving for fairness. On a side note also, there was no mention of any of this on the shop front of the site. All that is shown to the customer at point of sale is the loyalty discounts that cannot then be applied, which borders on mis-representation. To think every customer visits the forums is not an excuse for poor information at the point of sale. This alone should encourage Aerosoft to look after those who purchased it at the higher price just to get in it on release day. Thats without taking into account customer perception of tuff luck you got what you paid for. Again, just not cricket. A moment of empathy goes a long way. Cracking product just to end on a positive. Great work.
  4. Disappointed by the response and closure of the other topic (thanks aerosoft team) before allowing any response. This is not about being ripped off, its about everyone, including your loyal customers who have limited patience, having access to the same fair price. There cannot be many who have purchased the standalone A318/9 at the non discounted price, I think your response Mathijs is harsh to say the least! Don't spoil a good day.
  5. Very nearly did the same! Maybe they could offer you a store credit for some nice scenery to fly it to!!
  6. They listened to the Voice of their customer and reacted. Just how it should be. Good effort.
  7. I can't comment in the pricing forum any longer but I'd just like to say well done. Now being able to buy the bundle even without the A320/21 is exactly the right thing to do after listening to your customers. I had a proper sulk on, toys out of the pram and everything, now Im another happy customer. Well done. Andy
  8. Dont suppose you fancy doing the A321... its nearing first flight from Hamburg... Tue 23 06 2015 * MSN6642 D-AVVB spotted painted at XFW Wed 08 07 2015 * MSN6673 1st A321neo D-AVXA (P&W engines) spotted painted with no engines at XFW Fri 02 01 2015 * MSN6673 A321neo (XFW) D-AVXA P&W engines Fri 02 01 2015 * MSN6839 A321neo (XFW) D-AVXB CFM-Leap engines . Fri 06 02 2015 * Engine Run on MSN6101 with new engines installed Tue 10 02 2015 * MSN6101 back in the air as AIB54EO . Wed 18 03 2015 * MSN6286 spotted outdoors at XFW being towed, painted and with engines Wed 25 03 2015 * First Flight of MSN6286 2nd A320neo at XFW (Callsign AIB01VA) Wed 25 03 2015 * Ferry Flight of MSN6286 XFW to TLS (Callsign AIB01VA) . Mon 13 04 2015 * Roll out at TLS of MSN6419 the first A320neo with CFM-Leap engines F-WNEW Thu 23 04 2015 * 100th test flight for MSN6101 F-WNEO Tue 19 05 2015 * First Flight of MSN6419 3rd A320neo at TLS (Callsign AIB01EW) Sun 31 05 2015 * F-WNEO spotted at TLS with no engines on Tue 23 06 2015 * MSN6642 D-AVVB spotted painted at XFW Wed 08 07 2015 * MSN6673 1st A321neo D-AVXA (P&W engines) spotted painted with no engines at XFW
  9. I'd love to see the A318/9 in Airbus liveries...
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