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  1. You need to enable FS2crew in the airbus config panel first. I would suggest you read the manual in some detail to set it all up
  2. pgreenwo

    Spoiler Warning

    This will happen if the auto thrust has to add power to maintain decent speed. Did the ECAM still sound after retracting the spoiler? watch the decent tracker (purple circle) on your altemeter. If you catch the decent path and the spoiler is still extended the aircraft will nose up and add power as you will be too slow to maintain the decent glide path hope this helps
  3. Hi - The new and old versions are the same in terms of cold and dark set up so you should be ok. Following the manual test flight is a huge benefit as it illustrates the correct checklist and where to find the relevant switch in correct order etc. Very simple after a few flights following the guides
  4. Hi Gaz Here is a good step by step for the cold & dark checklist - & other general procedures - Once you find your way around the cockpit it's fairly simple to follow the checklists Hope this helps
  5. search for Calvi (LFKC) in the Orbx directories. I bet it has a BGL file. save it as .off and it should work
  6. in MT6 folder go to Scenery and search LFKC - rename the LFKC.bgl file to .OFF and it should work
  7. Solved!!!!! just incase anyone has this issue in future........... MT6 had a duplicate afcad - at last I can enjoy Calvi
  8. This is still on going - Has anyone got a suggestion on how to solve. Annoying issue I can't get rid of
  9. hello pgreenwo , I enjoyed the liverie the fictional Ryanair . I ask you to create a fictional SATA for a319 or a319 of easyjet om Sharklets ???
    I am waiting for a reply .
    Thank you
  10. Version 1.0.0


    A318 CFM Ryanair fictional livery please read the readme file for install instructions
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A319 CFM Ryanair (fictional) textures please read the readme with install instructions
  12. I have completely reinstalled. I returned to Calvi to find exact same. Anyone having this issue with FTX GLobal, Pilots Mesh and FTX Open LC?? Again all the config files are correct and I have no duplicate AFDs
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