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  1. Guys, hello! I'm tired of fighting your product! Today, right after take-off (UMMS, RW13, SID BERI1A), all the waypoints from the Legs page suddenly disappeared. Although the ND route remained. I write a little on the forum, I know, you have enough problems without me. But excuse me, when every flight there are new surprises, it's not so much fun, is not it ?! I keep silence about my questions at the forum about CRJ Manager, which have remained unanswered. (CRJ Manager only loads fuel, payload does not change). I'm using FSX. I know that you are focused on the Prepar 3D platform, where the product is also tested. But! So indicate that the aircraft is not particularly compatible with MSFSX, that the customer can BUY it and install at your own risk. And somehow it's not solid, gentlemen! Yes, more. No need to tell me about Visual C ++, antiviruses and stuff. I know all this well. Especially about reinstalling Windows. Leave these tips for teenagers and grandmothers. I use a whole bunch of legitimate software for the simulator, including PMDG and FSLabs, and never experienced any problems. I'd like to believe that you are professionals after all, and a whole army of customers who have believed you and purchased this product for their money, will soon forget about all the problems associated with this plane, like a terrible dream. And further. Dave seems to be living his own life, somewhere in Amsterdam, and always in the café shop. What is he doing with centering ?! And change this is not possible, except through a default bootloader. P.S. Sorry that I'm writing in this thread. Just touched on several topics. Best Regards! 2017-12-15_19-57-29-338.BMP 2017-12-15_19-58-4-680.BMP
  2. Maybe this is so. But when I try to load an absolutely empty plane, without passengers, I can not do it. Dave shows a certain number of passengers and cargo. In aircraft.cfg, too, there is no change. Only the amount of fuel changes.
  3. I have this problem in both new and previous versions. I asked this question on the forum, but I did not receive a sensible answer, except to reinstall Visual C ++. Reinstalled more than once, hardly with a tambourine did not dance, all to no avail!
  4. Hello! There must be another folder in the documents. Like that:
  5. For me, this manager is also a mystery. I no longer began to write on the forum, but the problem with downloading the plane I was not able to solve. Fuel loads, passengers - no way! I installed / reinstalled the VS2015 libraries. And everyone else also. Simconnects also did not escape their fate. So this problem did not win. The only thing that else did not do was not dance with a tambourine around it! Can try ?!
  6. Greetings! Tell me, please! What is the use of the "Sec Flt Plan" page, if it is not possible to insert alternative SID / STAR? That is, when you try to assign a SID / STAR on the second flight plan page, it is set in the basic flight plan. Thank you for attention!
  7. Is it? In appearance, do you think the wing is black? From the outside with him everything is in order. But when you look at it from VC - there are no textures. In the previous version of this problem was not. Once again, with the CRJ700 - everything is OK. The plane was re-installed more than once, according to the rules. Version: I use TrackIR. Is it possible that I alone have this problem, do all the others have everything in order? Or did no one just pay attention to it? Thank You!
  8. Hello everybody! Nobody paid attention to the display of the wing console from VC on the CRJ-900? On the CRJ-700, everything is OK. In my opinion, there are not enough textures ... But what, I can not understand. Thank you!
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