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  1. .......Hans, found this post from back in December......... CRJ VC Tiller Issue P3D 4.1 By Planeboy5, December 9, 2017 in Model, Animations, Repaints, Sounds and Manuals Reply to this topic Start new topic Planeboy5 Posted December 9, 2017 Hello all! I was curious if anyone else is having an animation issue with the tiller in the VC for the 700/900? It is stuck full left and the animation will not move. Rudder pedals and steering are still working, just not the animation. I have reinstalled the latest version of the aircraft and done a fresh install of the game as well. Is there a possible fix for this?? Thank you!
  2. I'm using P3dv4...CRJ Version: have FSUIPC installed and mapped, but removed it and used P3dv4 controls, but it had no affect on the tiller. I start with a default F22 Raptor then switch to CRJ at the gate. When I updated the CRJ folder, I used the windows unstaller in CP, deleted the ecosystems folder and Aerosoft folder in Sim Objects, rebooted, then installed .CRJ Version: But this has been locked in every version of the CRJ I have had except the very first one back in Aug 2017 if I remember correctly.
  3. Was there ever a fix for the CRJ tiller not being animated? I remember reading a few post about this. Mine has never worked with or without FSUIPC. It is locked full left and never moves...Not a huge problem, I can steer with the pedals and the nose gear animation is pretty much spot on. I have searched the forum and can't seem to find much about the tiller.
  4. .@VirginiaFoxx: The #TeaPartyShutdown has to end. Stand up and stop sabotaging our economy.

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