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  1. I cannot use the updater for some reason on my machine, Is there another way to update my crj. I have something going on with the updater not being located in the correct directories and I don't know how fix it. Thank YOu Anthony
  2. Ok I am totally out of my league on this one, I have never had a problem with any other addons in regards to the problem I'm having. I think I will just move on unless you guys feel like giving me some more pointers on what you are talking about. I really appreciate the time if you are up to it, but if not I'll just fly the crj as is and not plan on updating it anymore. I don't want to screw up my other programs and addons just for one airplane. Thank you Anthony
  3. Just wondering if there is a way I can direct the installer? I tried to change the install location but it is coming up automatically. If I could choose the path to install it that might allow me to run the updater.
  4. Great I think we are getting to the heart of it, I am using windows 7 so I don't have Microsofts one drive, not sure what to do to solve this, any ideas I'm all ears. Thank you all for the help. Anthony
  5. Just thinking out loud, but I did have prepar3d installed and removed it, could that be causing my problem?
  6. yes I have run it not sure why it isn't loading everything where it is supposed to go, it goes through the install process but still won't work. This is what the installer looks like when it is about to install.
  7. I tried downloading and it will still not work, I get asupdater.dat could not be found olease reinstall your product. error. I don't have any antivirus software running that I know of. Thank you Anthony
  8. This file does not exist on my computer. I checked the file locations you said but not luck. If you send me the downlad link for the updater I think that might help me but I'm still not sure what is causing this problem to begin with. This is the first time I have had this happen with any of the products I buy from aerosoft, so maybe it is just a one time thing? As always thanks for all the help Anthony
  9. I would say this is it but I have downloaded the newest file from aerosoft site through my instant downloads.I can say for sure I don't have the updater files included with my download. Not sure why but I don't have the exe file. Just wondering how to get it?
  10. no it isn't quarantined, I use Microsoft security essentials but I have it turned off.
  11. Andy is correct I don't have the AsUpdater.exe file for some reason. I also don't have any special characters in my users name. I have folders in documents library for airbus, aerososftairbusextended, digital aviation crj just no updater folder. Thanks for the help everyone Anthony
  12. Yes I have done all that, I don't have the updater at all. Thanks for the help, it isn't in the showing up in the folders it is supposed to be in. Thank you Anthony
  13. I am trying to update with the updater but it is not loaded into the documents folder. I have tried uninstalling and loading the crj again, but still no luck. Thanks for the help. Fsx by the way. Thank you Anthony
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