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  1. I tried both the LHD4 and the ship that lays at Cape Canaveral. I´m not even touching the ship before I crash. I have no problem landing on the frigate that comes with Helgoland X I also tried to place a LHD4 at Anchorage with the shipyard tool, with the same result. Are You sure that the generated scenery files should be placed in the simobjectsboatsscenery folder and not in the addon scenery folder? And I think that it should be possible to land on those ships with crash detection enabled. Wothan
  2. Thank Yoy very much for this great addon but, I can´t land on the ships, The helicopter simply crash.. If I disable Crash detection, I simply fall through the deck! Wothan
  3. Wird es auch als download version geben ? Wothan
  4. ##### happens. Just take Your time to make it right.
  5. Then try the default Learjet, pan around in the cockpit, and I think You should find something similar on some of the panels in that aircraft too. I guess it has something to do with some kind of dynamic shine on those black areas not being rendered correct with Nvidia cards. I have also seen it in other games. Wothan
  6. I have the same issue and I´m sure it´s a graphicscard / driver issue. I guess You have a Nvidia card. Try to alter Your AA settings and see if it helps. Wothan
  7. Hi Add this to Your Aircraft.cfg in order to silence the "Don´t sink" warning in the Quick and dirty FSX install of the SH-60 Seahawk and HH-60 Jayhawk. [GPWS] max_warning_height = 0 sink_rate_fpm = -9999 excessive_sink_rate_fpm = -9999 climbout_sink_rate_fpm = -9999 flap_and_gear_sink_rate_fpm= -9999 Wothan
  8. Finn

    fs9 site gone

    Maybe he means Microsofts FS9 site, I couldn´t find it either. Wothan
  9. Actually It´s possible to download a free trial version of Casperxp wich is limted to only copy a partition of a certain size to a new harddrive / partition of the very same size. But if You choose to purcase the full version, it´s possible to copy the original partition to the new hardrive wich may have a different size both larger or smaller. I did this transfer because my old 160 gb harddisk was acting up with a number of disk read errors, requiering pressing alt+ctrl+delete. I found that the SATA cable was the culprit, but also realized that a total reinstall of all my programs (FS9, FSX and a hughe amount of addon scenery and aircraft, combined with a massive amount of tweaked config filse etc.) would be needed the day a real hardisk crash would occur, meaning that I would be occupied for a long time re-establishing my current installment. So I bought a larger hardisk and moved my full installment via Casperxp to this new disk keeping the old disk as a backup. Wothan
  10. If Your current harddisk contains Your WinXP partition then purcase a utility called CasperXP. This utility can copy Your present Harddisk to Your new one including WinXp being fully bootable. I have just replaced my old 160GB hardrive with a new 250GB, copying the entire content including Winxp to the new one, no re-install of anything needed, keeping the old harddisk as a backup. The only issue was the need to re-activate FSX. Wothan
  11. Not that I´m using the checklists, but I do agree that it´s a nice feature. What about beneath the whiskey compass or between the door frame and the GPS ? Only sugestions ! For navigation a clock is essential for timing procedure turns, nonprecision approaches (fx. NDB say ADF) or plain dead reckoning (navigation by the use of compass, speed, wind direction-strenght and TIME) etc. Wothan
  12. Hi Mathjiskok Here is a screenshot of my panel: Well I know there is no resses in the panel for the clock, but I think its looking OK as it is. Best regards (and by the way thanks alot for an outstanding aircraft) Wothan
  13. In my BeaverX, I removed the checklist in favor of the the clock. I made it a tad smaller to fit in to the left of the ADF, cause no one can live witout a clock and I´m using paper checklists anyway :=) Wothan
  14. Wenn der nadel bei nul stecken bleibt koennte es sein das das pitot rohr gefrohren ist, Du musst dann die pitot rohr heizung einschalten :=) Wothan
  15. Just a suggestion: What about replacing the clock with an ADF instrument and then place a smaller version of the clock where the checklistgauge is placed at present ? An option to hide/show the controlcolumn would also be nice. I also hope that the "fixed" ASI will be calibrated in MPH, since all speed references in the manual and the kneeboard refrence section are measured in MPH. Wothan
  16. With panning, I meant panning in the virtual cockpit, wich is done with the POV-hat on Your joystick, or by pressing and holding the spacebar, while moving the mouse, in order to place the GPS in the middle of the screen, and then zoom. The solution, presented by Mathijskok with the additional view config ,sounds as an good idea. But speaking GPS, I don´t use it very much since I find it spoils the bush flying experience. It is much more fun to learn the basics of navigation through visual cues and navaids like NDB´s and VOR´s, but as a reference to verify your position, that you allready found through visual refernces , it´s ok. Wothan
  17. Simply pan on it so it is in the middle of Your screen and zoom in with the + key. If You have trimmed it for level flight, the beaver is steady enough to give You the time needed to operate it that way, but a pop-up window would do no harm :=) Wothan
  18. I simply swapped the Air speed indicator with the one from the default FSX beaver. By the way the FSX Beaver ASI is calibrated in MPH and thus correspond with the values shown on the kneeboard reference section :=) Wothan
  19. Hi SAF Well I did try to disable all 3rd party scenery, but not my afcads since they only cover danish airports. It´s not a showstopper since without the hivasok.bgl it works fine, only having the issues with the height at KJRB and 6N4 (Pan Am building), where the issue at KJRB can be fixed to some extend as described above. In the mean time I might have found a better solution, though I havent tryed it yet. I found a program called FS Scenery Creator with wich I can make new bgl files with correct height values. I´m working out of town so I will first be able to check those bgl files out when I am at home. Wothan
  20. Thanks for Your reply SAF. I will try that.. Wothan
  21. Is it save to reaply the Fs9.1 patch allthough I have a hole bunch of 3rd party addons: Level-D 767 PMDG 737-6/7/8/900 Feelthere 737-3/4/500 Aeroworx B200 ATR-72-500 SSTSIM Concorde DF 727 DF Archer DF A36 DF Cessna310 DA Do-27 DODOSIM B206B adv. Aerosoft Beaver Aerosoft Coast guard Aerosoft Seahawk Boxer JF Schweizer 300CBi Active sky 6.5 Active Camera FS2Crew ATR ver. FS2Crew Level-D ver. Maybe a few more...I don´t remember ! My problem is that the Manhattan scenery crashes FS2004 if hivasok.bgl is pressent in the scenery folder, but not without. The hivasok.bgl seems to contain some height values for KJRB and the Pan Am building as well as some railroad carriages just east of KJRA. I must mention that I have no issues running all the other addons in fs2004. To enhance framerates with Manhattan, I have removed the Boxer (from the seahawk boxer addon) from new york. Wothan
  22. Yes I have patched to FS9.1, but maybe something have been messed up. I have a hole bunch of addons installed(active camera, active sky 6.5, level-D,etc...), is it save to try to reapply the patch ?. Otherways am I very happy with the Manhattan scenery, though it´s a bit annoying that the helos floats appr. 1/2 meter above the helipads at KJRB and sinks into the Pan Am rooftop helipad. I have tried to solve the problem with AFCAD but to no avail. Do You know if it is possible to adjust the height reference especially at KJRB ? (I recon that there is a problem with the Pan Am helipad with a normal install). Regards Wothan
  23. Well this thread seems to be some kind of monolog for myself, but apart from that, I figured out that hivasok.bgl contains the railroad carriages near KJRA as well as some elevation values for KJRB. Because since I removed hivasok.bgl from the manhattan scenery folder, my helicopters seems to "sink" into the concrete by appr. 3 feet wich looks bad. To counter this issue have I downloaded a freeware version for KJRB and replaced the hivasok.bgl file with a file from the freeware version containg the elevation values (well it was a matter of trial and error). Now instead if sinking in to the concrete, the helicopters seems to float above the concrete by appr. 2 feet, but it looks better. Anybody with a better idea ??
  24. Just tracked the problem to a file called hivasok.bgl. Removing this file from the manhattan scenery folder solves my problem. The question now is which building(s) /scenery feature(s) are within hivasok.bgl ? Finn J
  25. I have installed the scenery for Manhattan and it is nice, but when I close FS2004 it crashes with an error message saying an error has occured in fs9.exe util.dll. The same happens when moving to another location from manhattan. I have Seahawk boxer installed, but removed the LHD from n New York in order to enhance framerates. I have tried to remove all my other 3rd party sceneries to no avail. Regards Finn J
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