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  1. I did now, reply sent. I didn't realize this forum was tied to one of my very old emails so I never got the notice. Fixed that now.
  2. Would it not be possible to create another model option that removes the GPS and its polygons entirely for RXP users and have this selectable in the patch config that lets you swap between models, so instead of just high detail and low detail have , high, low, high rxp, low rxp?
  3. Nice video - that scenery is brilliant!
  4. Hello Thorsten, Any idea when we might see the patch? Obviously I don't expect a set date would it be closer to this weekend, 2 weeks from now?
  5. It darn well should have! (kidding of course)
  6. If there's a patch coming out to fix FPS then I'm happy. Hopefully I'll be flying her soon
  7. Thank goodness this forum has a ban function for PMs
  8. Very well put (much better than how I did lol)
  9. Let people have their opinions. The Bush Hawk is too framerate intensive for many people it seems. I'm suprised because all the other Aerosoft Bush plane releases have been framerates first, so I naturally assumed the Bush Hawk would be included. yet even on my Core2Duo 3.16ghz / 3 gigs Corsair Dominator ram / Geforce 8800 I get 12 fps in it! I get 40 in all the Carenado planes, The Beaver and the Twin Otter. I'd rather have framerates before extras, though extras are always nice, I love the idea of my windscreen freezing over, just need a balance or even better options to turn them on or o
  10. Cessna 185 or DeHavilland Single Otter (Piston and Turbine?) would be tops of my list
  11. Thanks Cody. I would love to run Windows XP but from what I understood there was no XP driver for my soundcard. There now is drivers so I'm going to call Dell to see if I can order XP for the system. Dell has it's own Bios and drivers, I'm not sure if I can just use an off the shelf copy or not. One disadvantage of dealing with Dell I guess. Back to the Bush Hawk - I just find it suprising it has such a hit when many other addons don't have as much for me. My system isn't anything special but it's among the higher end of people in my VA, so I'm not sure why it would be released with such a hi
  12. Also are you running in DX10 or DX9 mode, which do you find works better?
  13. I'm wondering if the 768mb memory on the video card is making the difference. I'm almost sure its a texture based issue for my system. I'm probably going to wipe out my FSX install and start from a clean install again. As for the Patch and that, yes I'm aware they were being discussed, just wanted to add my two cents, even if 2 cents Canadian aren't worth as much as before (Aerosoft please open a Canadian shop at Canadian dollars again!). I look forward to it and hope the fps issue is solved as it is an awesome addon otherwise.
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