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  1. Footage of it happening If any additional information is required, just advise.
  2. McChester

    Hiding the Yoke

    Same here.
  3. Hey guys, I just found a complete CRJ200 CBT course on YouTube. It may not be the exact same aircraft, but it is still similar enough to justify a link. Have a look!
  4. McChester

    PC-6 B2-H4 'Turbo Porter' 4X Preview

    Well, guess who called in on my Frequency just a few days back
  5. McChester

    Trim authority

    Yes, it seems to be happening every time; I just tried again. As you can see in the linked video, after passing 320kts IAS the trim approaches 0.0 and is unable to maintain the Flightlevel. Frankie mentioned something like 1.8 at 310kts, although I have to admit that the aircraft was almost empty. No PAX/Cargo and about 2.000 kg of fuel.
  6. McChester

    Trim authority

    I imagine this will be the case. I will try again today or tomorrow.
  7. Thats an interesting one. Upon installing the CRJ for the first time, GND power worked just fine. I played around a little with the CRJ config tool (adjusting volume for APU and GND PWR as well as ANR headset setting) and suddenly the sound of the GND power was gone altogether and no power provided anymore. I uninstalled the old version and installed the updated version this afternoon and no change - even though I made sure all files in the P3D\ecosystem and P3D\simobjects regarding the CRJ were deleted. Any ideas? See video below. Please excuse the static noise, something went wrong with the recording. Disregard, I just found out that you need to have the chocks in place as well. Maybe it helps someone else
  8. McChester

    Hiding the Yoke

    The bug seems to be random at times. One time hiding the yokes works just perfectly, another time it wont. I have linked a video below where it worked on the first try - after closing the sim down and starting it again it did not work anymore. I would say hiding the yoke works 1 out of 3 times for me.
  9. McChester

    Hiding the Yoke

    Same issue here. I took a short clip in order to demonstrate that a default aircraft was loaded first. Video was messed up, uploading another.
  10. Hello, unfortunately, in my DAVE-Console the ground friction tweak option is greyed out so I can not enable or disable it, neither do I know if it enabled at the moment. P3Dv4, registered FSUIPC, no other friction tweak installed. Alex
  11. McChester

    Trim authority

    Well, I am pretty much familiar flying aircraft with manual throttle control - A2As Connie and PMDGs DC6 for example. Fact is, the aircraft was still within the envelope (below red tape) and the trim authority was not enough to maintain the flightlevel. I imagine that the real CRJ is not build this way
  12. If the sim crashes with a joystick attached, make sure you turn off the new "raw" mode in P3D settings - that fixed the crash for me.
  13. Hello Hans, sorry for another thread, I just want to make sure that this is working as intended: I was flying inbound to LOWS in FL160 and I was almost redlining the speedtape at about 320kts IAS. Upon reaching FL160 the autopilot commanded full trim deflection down but even then the aircraft was unable to maintain FL160 - it was climbing slightly at about 200-300fpm since full down deflection of the trim was not enough to maintain the flightlevel. Is this working as intended? After slowing down to about 310kts IAS full deflection was not needed anymore and the autopilot was able to maintain FL160. liebe Grüße, Alex
  14. I was unable to replicate the issue at this time. I will try on the flights to come and record it including all steps involved just in case. A pretty neat bird btw, kudos to you and your team.
  15. Nope, everything was stock, no modifications made at all. I have not tried to replicate yet, but I will.