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  1. I fly P3Dv5.2 and have the latest updates to all my Airbus aircraft. I run ASP3D with ASCA on their latest versions. My issue is with the radar returns on the ND. I have been flying the a318, a320 & a330 lately with a lot of bad weather in the New Zealand. I will include a screenshot of the ND from today's flight to show. This is the kind of returns I am getting whenever there is weather in the area. It is this way no matter what range I have selected. They just don't seem right to me so is this a problem or the way it is expected to look? It seems there should not be in a continuous band which sometimes covers the entire ND with green or yellow bands. Is there a setting I need to adjust or what? My FO turns on the radar for me but I have tried changing tilt etc with no changes. Thanks, Jerry This is more what I expect the returns to look like
  2. I see this listed in your Aerosoft store and it shows P3D v3 & V4. Question is will it work with V5.2? I am interested in getting it if it is compatible with P3Dv5.2. Thanks, Jerry
    For some unknown reason when I tried to use this profile for my realair duke it created a bunch of errors regarding the yoke profile in P3Dv5.
  3. Dave, this is not a FSUIPC issue. I dug into your manuals, vol 7-Thrust Lever Setup revision dated 6/15/2018 which came with my install. Page 3 of 9 shows I should set the throttle count and there is a box for Inverted axis in the Configurator. When I open the configurator there is no FADEC section. What gives? Wiping away the cobwebs I seem to remember I used that last time I installed the A320 and A318 series to allow my throttles to work. In the A320 Configurator - attached is what I see there now-- Can you help me understand why your documentation doesn't match what I see here now and how to go about setting throttles? Jerry
  4. Are any customers having problems moving the throttles in the Aerosoft A320 series planes? Did you find a fix for it? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Jerry
  5. Dave How can I get permission to see the missing part of your post to me? I could really use the Alpha and Bravo profiles Thanks, Jerry
  6. I run P3Dv5.1 with both Alpha & Bravo flight controls. The axis assignments are all done through FSUIPC and have worked for the A320 in the past. It has been a while since I flew it but I have kept it current through your Aerosoft Updater - ver now is Today I tried to do a flight and had everything working until I got to the throttle axis. FSUIPC is set like I have always done it and is working with the Bravo throttles, however, the sim throttles are not moving at all except if I activate reversers. I cleared out FSUIPC settings for the throttles and reset them but they still won't move in the sim. I have searched these forums for something to help but had no luck, I hope this post is in the right place for this subject. Next question, why are there no Honeycomb profiles for the A320 series on the Aerosoft Download profiles site? Thanks for your help. Jerry
  7. I just got P3Dv5 a week ago and still have v4.5 on my sim computer but on a separate drive from the v5 sim. I have A320 series and A330 installed in both v4.5 & v5. When I try to use the livery manager to load a new livery made for our VA in v5 it tells me that file is already exists (but it is in v4.5 not v5). It is true the livery is already installed but it is in v4.5. I looked for the simobject\aircraft folder for v5 but can't find where they are installed. The aircraft installer said it was going to put the a/c in my Prepar3D v5 Addons folder but there is nothing there but other folders like FSUIP6, Traffic Global, etc. I do have the simobject\aircraft folders for v4.5 in my documents\Aerosoft\ folder. My question is where can I find the simobject\aircraft folder for v5 so I can install the livery manually or how do I tell the livery manager to install it in v5 even though it is already in v4.5? Thanks for your help. Jerry
  8. Thank you Markus. Your post is very helpful. Blue Skies, Jerry
  9. Thank you Mathijs, that would be a very helpful addition to an awesome aircraft. Jerry
  10. I am not sure where to properly post this question so sorry if this is the wrong location. Flying the A330 Pro (v1.0.1.0) today I got a new message I have not seen before on the ECAM screen. Along with the normal messages there it showed "company message". I searched the forums and manuals for this message and found nothing on it. I assume this is something new; where can I find what it means, how to use it or how to see the message it refers to? Thanks, Jerry H
  11. I have flown the A320 series Pro (v1.3.1.0) and A330 Pro (v1.0.1.0) a bunch now but no matter what setup in P3D I can not get the checklist pilots sound for the pilots to come through my headset. I have set voice playback to the headset. I have looked in all the Airbus option settings and found nothing to use my headset. Is there a way to make this work to help with my hard of hearing problem? Thanks, Jerry H
  12. I think I have found the culprit. Chaseplane recently updated and so I messed around with it and reset some of my camera views. That seems to have slowed or stopped the flickering, at least for now. Thanks for all the ideas here. Jerry
  13. Masterhawk, I did a flight after making your suggested change and after about 5 minutes P3D threw this error message so I had to change it back to select the full screen optimization. I am going to reinstall the Airbuses to see if that helps. Jerry
  14. Masterhawk, this seems to have done the trick. I didn't have time to get in a flight yet but I am not getting the flickering on the ground inside and out. Thanks for your suggestion. My video card is Geforce RTX 2080. Jerry
  15. Dave, that was the format P3D saved it as using the record function in the Analysis menu. What format do you recommend and I will see if I can find a way to put it in that format. Thanks
  16. Dave, attached is a short recording of the A318. The settings for this video was with Vsync OFF but when I first got in the a/c it was ON. The flickering did not improve when I changed it to OFF. I also tried reinstalling an earlier version of my chaseplane to see if that helped but that was no help. I hope you have a fix for this. If not, what is the best way to get a previous version of A320 series to install instead of v1.3.1.0? Thanks, Jerry Airbus A318 Flickering.fsr
  17. Today I updated the baby busses to this new version. When I am in the sim with any of them (a318-321) I am getting really bad black flickering. It is the same in VC and outside also. I have tried deleting shaders and also changed from Vsync on to off with little improvement. I am running P3Dv4.5 with Chaseplane. I could not find anything in the forums specific to this update and the flickering. How can I move back to the previous version which did not have these problems? Thanks, Jerry
  18. Never mind - Part 2; I ran it again 30 minutes later with the green bar at top to right and it started downloading but then I got an error message about the pdf file being open. I had one of the manuals open so once I closed that it finished the update this time.
  19. I just got CRJ Pro yesterday and found v2.0.0.2 and tried to update it. I have the Show experimental updates ON. I have tried to Update selected Products twice with the same results. The green bar moves left to right and completes but never shows the update is completed. My CRJ is installed in the default location. I checked the version after this via the panel folder and it is still showing v2.0.0.0. Any ideas how I can get this update to finish, I left it to run for 30+ minutes? Screenshot attached. For more information on this I also have an update v1.2.5.2 for all 4 A318-321 Pro models. I ran those updates and they went through the process properly and showed progress at the bottom downloading and unpacking and finally Update Complete! Something is happening to the CRJ update that it never finishes. Thanks, Jerry
  20. Can you provide a link to Flysimware Falcon50 PFPX profile Emanuel? I searched all over and could not find it. Thanks, Jerry
  21. I'm looking for a profile for the flysimware Lear35A. Has anyone seen one or is someone working on one? Thanks, Jerry
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