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  1. Hi, I understand that you are working on a new/updated version of PFPX and I just wanted to add my NZD$0.02 worth if it's not too late. 1. As discussed in this thread it would be great to be able to see AI traffic. I don't fly with Vatsim/IVAO but I do fly with friends online (we use JoinFS, but there are plenty of others out there and they all use SimConnect to update I believe). I currently use that other Flight Planning tool (FSC) to follow the flights (friends and AI) but would love to use PFPX as my single source tool for planning and flight following. 2. Instead of automatically adding SID/STAR to the flight plan could this be an option we could insert? SID is not so bad but with a STAR, after a multi-hour flight, the weather is often not the same as when you takeoff. 3. Ability to zoom closer 4. And tied to that is the ability to have airport layouts (updateable from installed scenery) Thanks for reading - if you do
  2. Can PFPX create flight plans that have multiple stops/legs? E.g. I want to Fly from London - Auckland via Dubai and Sydney. Is this possible or do I need to create separate flight plans for each leg?