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  1. I still had the problem one or two times out of like 20 flights I guess. Its weird as even when you do the maths even the maximum fuel load in those cases wouldn't exceed the MTOW. Very weird, but I have also found that it got something to do with the altitudes as it recently occured on routes where I have entered a set Flightlevel. If I then selected the optimum cruise level all was good.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will try reinstalling them.
  3. Weather source would be the standard PFPX one where you need to buy the subscription for 365 Days. I've also compared the winds etc. Theres like not much difference. Even if, the margins regarding how much space in the fuel tanks and how much gap there is to the MTOW are there, so I really don't get why I shouldn't be able to do the flight on level 300. What I also noticed is, that for the A320 without sharklets, as seen in my Aircraft Editor screenshot I can only do LRC when planning the flight. I can't enter a Cost Index. May that have to do something with the problem? (Even if not, why can't I enter a Cost Index, which setting for an Aircrafts Performance file would it be?)
  4. Version 2.04 and I am using the Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4 files, I dont know if its standard or not, can't remember. Its not a template, Author mentioned in the txt is Stephane De la Calle
  5. Hi all, I've been having this issue quite often lately. When computing a flight it tells me, that the required fuel would exceed the maximum fuel on board which is in turn limited by the MTOW. So far so good. But I don't understand why. Here's an example: I wanna fly in an A320 from EDDF to LFPG. My cruising altitude I set was FL300. Now I get the message that the required fuel exceeds the maximum fuel limited by MTOW. When I replan the flight and simply select optimum cruising altitude and everything else stays exactly the same I get FL240. And I can compute the flightplan, everything is fine. My problem is I don't understand the logic. When the flightplan is computed neither my actual TOW or the Fuel Onboard are nowhere near the limits. (TOW: 61153, MTOW:73000), Fuel on board 4452kg, maximum 18728kg. If I was very close to the MTOW it would be a different story and I'd understand why I'd get the message, as the climb to FL300 instead of FL240 probably requires a little more fuel. But this? Is there like some common misconception or setting in the aircraft profile that would be the culprit? Hopefully somebody has a solution.
  6. Yeah, I also think its getting eerily quiet. Doesn't need an immediate release of a patch, but at least a response as something like "we are working on it" (although I think there was a response in here saying they are investigating. What I can suggest you to do for now Trevor is to go into your shop account and redownload the CRJ. It should be Version 2.4 where the ILS Approach is working completely fine. I've done so myself and done several successful flights since then.
  7. Yeah, the forums do feel very quiet. In my opinion such a rather huge bug should be fixed quickly. I don't know how long it already persists, as I only started flying back like 2 weeks ago but I guess it's been much longer.
  8. I've just reverted back to for now. Until a fix comes out someday..
  9. Hi all, I'm using the Honeycomb Alpha, with the sensitivity turned all the was up (as a test) in P3D and no null zone. What I noticed is, that especially the ailerons in the CRJ are behaving like they have some kind of acceleration in them? The movement is not exactly 1:1 with the yoke, like the first 40° I move my yoke and in the plane it translates to roughly 20° (as an example, may actually differ), now the other 50° of the yokes 90° movement are translating to like 70° of movement in the aircraft. It is as if there was some specific point where the CRJ yoke/aileron switches from veeeery slow/sluggish to agile/sharp. This has irritated me quite a bit, as when I'm on approach I need to make huge adjustments for rather small corrections in the sim. Is there some setting I am missing? I don't have this problem in any other planes with a yoke. If someone knows a solution, let me hear it. It's not a dealbreaker, but it certainly is weird
  10. Just did a flight again and encountered the problem. Was at the altitude of the IAF, waiting for the glideslope to come in and way before the airplane just dives down for no reason. Out of habit I thought it was on the GS until I realized. What did work however was catching the GS manually and then turning the FD off and back on, thereafter the FD did display the LOC and GS correctly.
  11. I really hope it gets fixed in the next few days. I mean it worked before, so I suppose it shouldn't be unfixable. Really burning for the CRJ right now, but the issue really bugs me (personal problem, I know I could simply fly it down from hand :P)
  12. Just wanted to chime in here. I'm using Prepar3Dv4.5 and seem to have the same issue. Last time I flew the CRJ was about a year ago and everything worked back then so I kinda knew the procedure. Today I did EDDF-EDDS-EDDF both times in approach the plane started descending without a reason. I always dialed in the ILS frequency (first time via the FMS, second via the tuning panel). Coming closer to the ILS, the plane is in the Altitude mode and holds its altitude just fine (4000ft in both cases). As always, when closing into the localizer I activate the APPR mode in the autopilot, in that case LOC becomes green in the PFD annunciator, while GS remains white (meaning its armed not yet active, right?) Anyways, plane suddenly starts descending seemingly without any reason, while ALT hold is actually still activated and oddly enough GS remains armed. So I deactivate the autopilot to keep the plane level and wait for the GS to come in. Thereafter when I capture the glideslope the mode also switches and the FD actually directs me into the GS. Although I have to say, the FD was still behaving kinda oddly, but hard to describe. A little bit delayed I guess? So there is a fix in the works I guess? Just a little offtopic, as I am not completely familiar with the CRJ like I am with Boeings or Airbusses. Whats the procedure when flying an ILS approach? Firstly tune the ILS frequency (either FMS or in the panel?), the plane then sets the localizer course by itself? From then on just arm the approach mode when intercepting just like its done in a Airbus/Boeing? And if everything would be working correctly the plane would intercept the LOC and GS just fine right? My last time flying the CRJ was quite a few months ago so I'm kinda rusty and even back then I wasn't *that* familiar with it. But I think everything worked just as I described it if I recall it correctly. Maybe someone can correct me, if I'm wrong with the usual procedure of flying the ILS.
  13. Ok, kinda enlighting. But I've seen that the Aerosoft CRJ does it though?
  14. Damn, I thought that because of the A330 and the A330 also having similarities in code to the A320 AFAIK... Oh well.. Anyway, would be a super nice feature, I think I'm not the only one that would like it Think I also saw it mentioned a few times around the forum as well. Have a nice evening
  15. Would be a shame if this is not going to be done. Seeing as it was said that the A320s are supposed to be at the same level as the A330. The blinds are not really important, but at least unsyncing the NDs would be great, also the VOR/ADF switches. I don't think that should be that much work, or? But nice to hear that you are going to bring the Airbusses and the CRJ to the new Flightsim.
  16. Hi Mathijs, does this also include that the smaller busses will get independent ND's for example? thats something I keep missing. What would also be nice in the smaller busses, but really only a neat detail, would be to make the side window blinds operatable like in the A330. Any answer to this? I'm on the verge of rebuying the A320s for P3Dv4 right now and this is kind of a deciding factor. Regards
  17. Hi Mathijs, I wrote to that e-mail. Looking forward to the plans
  18. Hi, I've gotten pretty accomodated with the CRJ after coming from Boeings and Airbusses as pretty much everyone does. What I don't exactly understand/have the confidence in is, how do you tune the Radios for a standard ILS approach? I do not mean that I don't know how to do it, but rather the procedure behind it. With all my flights the aircraft pretty much did it automatically, but whats the procedure behind it? For example in the 737 I set the ILS frequency on NAV1 and CRS1 the Course, but on NAV2/CRS2 I tune the suitable settings in case of a missed approach. Now in the CRJ I do tune the frequencies via the Radio tab of the FMS, right? There I only have one NAV and no Standby, right? So in case of a missed approach I would need to enter the NAV Frequency into the FMC pretty fast while going around? Anyway, what would be the procedure in the CRJ? While flying with the FMS NAV Source enabled I can`t see the Course I set, so I'd need to temporarily switch to a heading, then NAV Source VOR1 and then set the course? Would be nice if somebody could enlighten me as to how they do it, or how it is done in general in reality.
  19. Hi all, in december I bought the A330 for my P3Dv4. I've used the Airbus X Extended back in FSX and the A320/21 and A318/19 back in P3Dv3. Now, what I like about the A330 is that the ND's are finally not synced anymore, lights are dimmable and so on. Is this taken over to the current A320 family as well? I think a few weeks ago I read something about a changelog of Version 1.3(?) for the Aerosoft A320 family and it said "A330 features rolled back onto the A320 family". So, is this it? I'd really love to get back into flying the A320 family again, but I don't see a reason to buy the fslabs one. But it is kinda holding me back that the displays and weather radar and all of that was synced in the A320 family (I don't even know why, it just bothered me). And I really dig the A330 so far. My other question would be, in case the above is true, is there any kind of discount for users who purchased the A318/19 and A320/21 back in 2014/2015? Thing is, back then I did not purchase it as a family pack, I bought the A318/19 in 2014 and then when it came out the discounted A320/21. Maybe something is possible here? Kind regards
  20. No problem Mathijs, really enjoying the A330 I think other versions or even the A340 would sell great as well
  21. Hi, i dont know if this has been reported, but when you turn the nose wheel light from taxi to takeoff and then back into taxi the light itself remains in the takeoff brightness. You need to further turn it off again and then to taxi, to get it back to taxi brightness.
  22. So you simply put in a SID and then changed it again? That will probably work. My problem is that when the complete flightplan is inserted from start to finish, the SID does not get replaced, no, it gets attached to the end of the flightplan. And I don't think that it has got something to do with a single flightplan, as I've said that I've encountered this from EDDL-EDDS and EDDT-EDDL. My sim is the current P3D v4.5 Version, CRJ is the current experimental version. Livery was the D-ACKI. If you wanna have a go, heres the flightplan I used. FLIGHT PLAN ROUTE N0364F220 BRAN2L BRANE Y200 HLZ Z717 PIROT T851 XAMOD XAMO3G Mind you, I did NOT export the FPL into the Sim, I typed it into the FMS manually, so I didn't import the SID BRAN2L or anything. I type in the FPL (BRANE to XAMOD) and thereafter select the Departure and Arrival.
  23. Hi, lets take Tegel for example. I was on the ground and planned with the BRANE2L and later was assigned BRANE2N by the VATSIM controller. Nothing too unusual, at least for me, I then went into the DEP/ARR Page of the FMS, selected the BRANE2N and thought everything is good. When I look onto the leg page however, the Brane2N SID gets placed behind the last waypoint of the route (think it was DOMUX, flew from EDDT-EDDL). Same also happened at EDDL though, I then tried to delete my whole flightplan wie DELETE in the LEGS page, but thereafter I couldn't enter the route into the FPLN Page anymore, as it didn't generate a second page to enter airways and waypoints. But I guess thats another story. Usually I do it like that all the time when its necessary (Aerosoft A330/PMDG etc.) and it simply replaces the SID. Maybe different procedure in the CRJ or a bug?
  24. Hi all, how do I change the SID when the ATC assigns me a different one from what is entered in the FMS? like when I have a SID assigned and then want to change it to another one it always gets added behind the last waypoint of the FPL, which is wrong. Whats the procedure on that?
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