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  1. hola, por favor me podrías ayudar tengo problemas con el escenario de Madeira Evolution, instale y funcionaba correctamente, pero después intale el ORBX Vector y se daño, primero me salio como en el fondo de un precipicio, después con una aplicación que da FTX el aeropuerto subió, pero la pista de aterizaje sale como una montaña rusa sube  y baja por lo demás esta bien el escenario, por favor ayúdame gracias. 

  2. I'm working on 3.2-3.3.5 compatibility. More information will be available next week I guess. If you wish to test it please contact me on private message.
  3. Ground polygons are displayed through SODE only in FSX. So this wouldn't be the case here. Do you have the last P3D version 3.4.22?
  4. @Jock7 Thanks for kind fords and @masterhawk for quick response on this. I know it may be problematic, but please have in mind that most of the issues here is caused by 3rd party addons that I can't do much about. I can't modify somebody else files and not everybody is willing to cooperate on this either. The installer should rename the files automatically but sometimes it doesn't. It may be related to system permissions, UAC and more. Anyway we do ours best to support every user and investigate all issues. Enjoy flying to Madeira.
  5. Interesting thing, I need to downgrade my P3D to 3.2 and try this. I decided to keep the airport area more colorful as it looks better to me, that could be changed very easy. Since we didn't have access to source data of satellite imaginary it wasn't possible to modify colors of all island .
  6. Vertices welding is part of object optimization and back faces are not present where there aren't necessary. Most of problems reported here are mesh problems caused by 3RD party products that I'm not responsible for and can't solve as well as previous Madeira developers couldn't. This addon is extremely sensitive about this and even one .bgl file that's left somewhere can cause problems later. Still we're doing our best to support all users and most of the problems have been solved.
  7. @sydney1962 What is your mesh resolution setting? It should be 1m. @maxhades That's correct, we had only this sattelite images available for the island from Aerosoft so this is what we used. I decided to do the airport area more colorful anyway even if it doesn't match the rest 100% correct.
  8. Could you provide me more info about your sim version and some screenshots?
  9. mostflatten_novector.bgl includes roads elevations fix from Gelo to the airport. You can check if that works for you or not, another _vector.bgl is without this data. There should be only one in the scenery folder at the time (MadeiraX2016). The update for 1.01 is on it's way and will be released next week I think.
  10. Mesh resolution should be set to 1m. Please check this.
  11. @masterhawk Thank you for your input in tracking mesh compatibility issues. V1.01 is on it's way. In the meantime here is missing mesh and updated coastlines. I also updated the list and included the files that you provided above. Good job! Still looking at ORBX and other FS Global issues. You may also try to get in touch with support of this product developer as they may be more helpful troubleshooting such issues. CVX_MADEIRA.BGL longisland_MK_terrain.bgl
  12. I know that FSGlobal Ultimate NG has some files that should be removed: FSGUX/AFR/scenery N33W017 N32W018 N32W017 .bgl Maybe that's the thing.
  13. Ok, I've done some post regardin Madeira troubleshooting for many products. Some of them are similar to those experienced in the previous product, common thing is that they're mostly caused by 3-rd party addons. If having mesh/coastline issues please check: 1) If the default files were excluded correctly In FSX/P3D main/scenery/0502/scenery check if you have those files disabled/removed APX43200.bgl CVX4320.bgl If not move them or change extension to .bgx 2) For those using MESH addons: Some Versions of FSGlobal
  14. Hello Oliver, Any chances for the biggest and also the newest polish airport whitch is EPWA2010? http://www.mk-studios.com.pl/forum/index.php?topic=11.0 Matt
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