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  1. It's been fiexed, reexported and will be passed to our product manager. I guess an updated version will be our after holidays. Special thanks to Eric for pointing this out and assisting.
  2. This could be for the missing effect texture (we renamed some and the object may call for it for some reason), but it shouldn't make any problems anyway. We'll fix this error on 1.06.
  3. Steady lights on the approach were present in Madeira in earlier versions with SODE lightning made by us. Good point on the windmills, I'll take it into account when preparing 1.06. Hopefully, lol.
  4. Hello, I'll check PAPI lights issue. Not all jetways are supported by SODE - but you know that already. VGDS is not made by us, we have to wait for answer from Olivier Pabst about this. Regarding afcad: 1) Runways are doubled because every of them need one fake runway with invisible option to have the lights (this is to use core P3D lights with better visibility). 2) Will check for spots and fix this. 3) Tower and altitude settings weren't modified in this update. I'll check that. Spot light effect should work fine after HF1, as told above. That's strange you have this problem, maybe full P3D installation is recommended. Regards, Mateusz
  5. This looks exactly as a problem with default.xml not being modified by installer (that happened a few times). This might be UAC or something else. The installer need to look for the file default.XML located in Prepar3D or FSX\Autogen folder. Then in the file check for code " <CODE>N</CODE> " and just UNDER it there should be this code: <CLASS> <NAME>MKSTREET_LIGHTS</NAME> <GUID>1fcb6ae7493f1ce73b85b784efad33e4</GUID> <WIDTH>5</WIDTH> <DEPTH>5</DEPTH> <LIBRARYOBJECT> <NAME>MKSTREET_LIGHT</NAME> <GUID>3dbc6d534bc56125c22ae0a08633a3b5</GUID> </LIBRARYOBJECT> </CLASS> You may use notepad to check it, or freeware XML Copy Editor http://xml-copy-editor.sourceforge.net/ or just upload the file here and let me take a look on it. Mateusz
  6. hola, por favor me podrías ayudar tengo problemas con el escenario de Madeira Evolution, instale y funcionaba correctamente, pero después intale el ORBX Vector y se daño, primero me salio como en el fondo de un precipicio, después con una aplicación que da FTX el aeropuerto subió, pero la pista de aterizaje sale como una montaña rusa sube  y baja por lo demás esta bien el escenario, por favor ayúdame gracias. 

  7. Thanks, doing my best to improve it. I plan to update the whole lightning in v 1.04. (I make offtopic here, but I think it's worth being added ) In the meantime we've got 1.03 coming out shortly (we've done new installer tests today, so I hope it'll be out soon). Madeira Evolution v1.03 Changelog -Afcad adjustments (FSX and P3D), -Papi lights appear as square from far (FSX), -3D grass added (FSX), -Taxiway centerline lights fixed (FSX), -New taxiway markings added to match current airport state (FSX and P3D), -Airport name changed, -New airport logo added (FSX and P3D), -Porto Santo windmils added. -Slope wall resolution adjusted (FSX and P3D), -Runway lights red type added at runway endings (FSX and P3D).
  8. Since in FSX ground poly is displayed through SODE I assume this may be some limitation of this module. I can ask the developer about it.
  9. Still looking for possible solutions here to solve this problem. We found a way for that I believe, but it's investigated now (still some hacks are needed). I'll keep you updated when it's working definitely.
  10. Hi, Crash detection should be turned off in Madeira because of some non visible objects placed in the scenery. This is caused by many workarounds that we had to do to make this scenery work correctly (pillars runway and specific terrain).
  11. Hello, In FSX ground polygons are displayed through SODE, so this is the case. Could you please check point 7? 7) If runway lights are not present/ground polygons missing Please run the scenery, check Madeira at night for the lights, close the sim. Then post as attachment SODE log from: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\log. In the meantime I recommend checking these directories for files: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects for MKSTUDIOS_MADEIRA folder C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml for MKSTUDIOS_MADEIRA .xml If present Download last sode 1.4.2 from http://sode.12bpilot.ch/?page_id=9 Run the file and use repair option. At the end Sode Platform manager will run. Unregister and deactivate SODE then Register and activate it again. Finish installation and check the SIM again.
  12. That went quick, I'll release it sometime next week.
  13. Thay are off during day except for rain/low visibility conditions. Glad the scenery works fine for you, most of the issues is caused by another addons mostly.
  14. Are you using FSX or P3D? If you have both plaftorms did you installed Madeira twice?
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