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  1. Well, the big clue all is not well is that there is nothing related to Ibiza in the Community folder, So where did it install. I'm pretty sure it found my Community folder during the install and I always check these things to avoid issues like this. The Aerosoft updater and Windows both show it as being installed, but there is nothing in the Content Manager showing except Paderborn as an Aerosoft product. The only thing I did during the install which might have affected the install was to refuse the Navdata Pro charts application install. I use Navigraph charts , so I didn't need another chart app. I have searched the hard drive and can find no trace of this product anywhere. So where did over a Gigabyte of data go ? Now I think an uninstall and re-install is the only way to resolve the issue. Its pretty obvious the Ibiza is default not an addon.
  2. Bought from the Aerosoft shop and installed correctly using the Serial Key provided. My settings are on Medium as my PC is a reasonably high spec. Intel 8700K 6 core CPU @3.7 GHZ, 16GB DDR4 2600 RAM GTX 1080 TI with 11 GB DDR5 Ram on OC profile. I'm getting 30FPS at Default Heathrow and it is incredibly realistic right through to the M25 motorway. I can get some screengrabs of what I'm seeing, at Ibiza so you can see for yourselves. My MSFS is 1.17.30 so bang up to date. How do I know if it is installed correctly ? What are the minimum display settings one needs to use to see the product properly ? Where are the docs located, if any ?
  3. Firstly, the cockpit appears quite dark, even during the daytime if you are flying toward the sun. The old analogue gauges like airspeed, VSI and Standby gauges plus flap indicator panel are very hard to read without zooming in. There appears to be no backlighting. Am I missing a switch here ? I usually use LT override and the panel switches on the captain's side. I just wish it was all more legible like on the intro screen grabs............................. I am on version 1.4.2 by the way.
  4. OK I have to admit here I may have goofed, or found a bug. I had set my throttle 1 and 2 reversers to hold max reverse thrust on 1 and 2 respectively, in the X plane controller app. Bravo TQ of course. Then, when checking in the cockpit the reverser levers didn't animate. I thus assumed they weren't working. But, once I had the engines started the reverser levers do animate and reverse thrust works like a charm.
  5. Hi to all, my first flight into this airport was so disappointing. It was pretty pathetic to be honest. Nothing at all like the screenshots shown in your gallery. Not one single palm tree to be found. I couldn't even request taxi to the gate from the ATC menu. So I taxied to the terminal which was just a plain facade. No nameplate as in the screen shots gallery. I couldn't summon a jetway, fuel truck, or baggage cart either. I'd have been better off at the default airport. Is there a manual or some sort of settings guide.? No way I'll be buying any more addon scenery if this is the result. Default Heathrow looks amazing in my sim, a proper car park with detailed cars, not blobs of pixels from GE as here. Very disappointing show guys.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm trying to configure my Bravo Throttle Quadrant for use with the Flight Factor 767-300ER. I've managed to set the throttle axes, spoiler axis and flap axis correctly, but no matter which settings I use for Eng 2 and 3 I cannot get the thrust reversers working. Does anyone know what may be wrong ? I'm following the Sim Hangar YT Tutorial. I have the X Plane Honeycomb Configurator installed but its a bit daunting to navigate so I'm using a default profile in X-Plane 11.53. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
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