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  1. yusufbudi

    New shop site

    Hello.. Just want to add a bit... 1. There is price inconsistency for France VFR Airport Packs Vol.2 on the FSX/P3D (English) Category (USD) but, on Euro, there is the price.. 2. Missing flag icon on the support page. I believe it's for English & German. 3. Different Capitalization on Footer Texts.. 4. Different Spacing & Last Line on the Welcome Text (US-EN) /us site /en site 5. Different links under category (/EN-/US)..or simply that those links are not available in USD? /US site /EN site Anyway, nice layout.. Regards
  2. yusufbudi

    Airbus A320CFM AirAsia 'LINE' livery 9M-AHR

    Look at this pictures... From the uploader : http://i1036.photobucket.com/albums/a442/uchay_k/thumbnail_zps9a1767a7.jpg dated 08 January 2015. And this one from the original repaint package : http://i1036.photobucket.com/albums/a442/uchay_k/thumbnail_zps54f8e40f.jpg dated 02 January 2015 Look closely on the cloud in the background.
  3. yusufbudi

    Air Asia Malaysia 9M-AHM

    perfect match for AirAsiaVirtualGroup RedTour....thanks Mas..:-D