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  1. Thank you , much appreciated. There is still a huge difference day to night, but I understand it is due to P3D limitation.
  2. at this point I am beginning to notice the lights.
  3. The Lead-In Lights are very difficult to see, especially at daytime. Shouldn't they be brighter, and visible from the MDA ? However, I'm aware this might be sim limitation. But could they be made more prominent, e.g. by increasing and then gradually reducing the size, if one comes closer ? Mike
  4. Hello Jo-Erlend, Hm, just after rechecking everything is in place as you mentioned, I started the configurator again and now it is there. No idea what happened the first time. But sorry to bother you, you can close this ! Mike
  5. Are you sure, I got P3Dv5 version and corresponding update info and new installer from Simmarket : AEROSOFT - COLOGNE-BONN PROFESSIONAL P3D You will find the link to download this update in your user account -> orders listing -> order number: AS_COLOGNE-BONN-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV5_V1090.zip AS_EDDK-SODE-JETWAYS_1_09.zip NEW FOR P3D V5! Version - Added support for Prepar3D V5 - Updated parking positions based on current data - Fixed incorrect markings at stand W34 - Fixed incorrect centerline markings at A11, A17 and E10 - Optional SODE files has been updated to version 1.9 and is available as a separate download Mike
  6. Hello, I have just installed the P3Dv5 version and corresponding SODE 1.09. I have installed the SODE folder as directed, but the option remains inactive in the configurator. Latest SODE version 1.68 is installed. What could I have done wrong ? Mike
  7. worked for me, too, now I have V1.3. Thanks Mike
  8. I just updated to (from The update info mentions ... Updated Configuration tool with SODE VGDS option I did not notice such an option in the Configurator. Configurator is Version 1.2. What might have gone wrong ? Mike
  9. Hi Wolfgang, that helped indeed, thanks for the info ! Michael
  10. Just wondering, with the Load values for the tutorial flight (EDDL- LFSB, from Manual Vol1, page 38) the EFB calculates a CG of -84.4% MAX and a trim of 24.8. That doesn't seem right šŸ™‚ Mike
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