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  1. Nice "re-repaint", but you still have "DG" instead of "DC" over the windshield windows.
  2. Hey, man... I'm really happy to see you back on the painters scene, it's really like a gift to have you back, even if it was only for finishing the paints you have worked on earlier Looking forward to your astonishing work!
  3. Yes, it's just fabulous in my opinion.
  4. Hello guys, all of you painters do some stunning, excellent work here, really appreciate it! I have a request though: Could somebody paint this beauty? http://img2.jetphotos.net:8080/img/4/0/0/5/58172_1362671500.jpg It's an incredibly characterful livery of an A319-133(CJ).
  5. +1 for that from my side... Definitely one of the most beautiful government aircraft liveries.
  6. Sorry to be annoying, I only want to be sure, that my post doesnt get lost in the big ammount of other posts... The JUNE and MAY screenshot competitions still have no winner.
  7. Sorry, my fault, I correct, it was June and May, they are both closed but have not a winner.
  8. Thank you very much for being so kind. PS: By the way... the June and March screenshot competition still have no winner, would it be possible to take a look at them?
  9. Thank you very much for replying and taking note of my comments.
  10. Hello, I know my posts sound provocative (and your smiley at the end of yours does also), but I dont think its unpolite to be a little bit provocative sometimes. I recognise the choice to put the word "support" was a fault of mine, I correct myself: "they are asking questions and...". I either didnt mention in any part of the post, that the forum rules are bad, I appealled, that Aerosoft should apply them fully to all, because sometimes it seems, that they dont fully apply to some more experienced users. About the voting down of my post: I dont think its not nice what I said, why should it be? I was just saying my opinion, at least from my point of view it was only an opinion. I know that Aerosoft saff arent dumb, neither did I say that. Aksing for an answer after 1 day isnt unpolite, if someone asked me that, I would simply understand it, that the member has the right to ask for an answer. I dont want to troll Aerosoft, I want to help to make it beter (OMG, these words are gonna mean my death, please, this is only a thought of me, no prediction, so I definitely dont want these words to be encountered as a provocation, sorry in advance if someone does), I dont know if you understand me: Nothing can be perfect, but with people trying to do so, things get at least a little step closer to it. So please understand my posts as a feedback, not as a provocation. Still loving Aerosoft Regards Max Edit: about agressive support, there was some example for it, in my previous post, the second example, the guy was asking how to do something that wasnt discussed before (he said, other members probably agreed, they gave no link to a topic with the same problem) so that is support from my point of view. And once more: Remeber, this is not a war declaration from me, if you understand it as a war declaration, so then, please excuse me.
  11. Is anyone from Aerosoft going to reply to my post or not? As I see all other posts have been answered within a few hours.
  12. Hello, I really like the Aerosoft forums, there are nice people...mostly. However... I have to complain about something, I have read the forum rules and regulations and have found some problems. Eventhough the rules, I can sometimes find posts, which are already on the edge to be called "insulting". I didnt have that problem myself, but others experienced it. Lets say a "newbie" at Aerosoft comes to ask about the famous wingflex question, he doesnt want to read the aprox. 50 pages of a preview, neither is he obligated to do it, posts his question and the first answer is something in the way like "There is NO wingflex! Stop asking stupid things" I suppose, that this type of answer from an experienced user with 350+ posts doesnt make the best image to Aerosoft. The funny part begins when the newbie gets voted down... And that on his first week, maybe even day at Aerosoft... Now the newbie feels attacked and responses back, wanting the answer-guy not to be so rude and complaining about Aerosoft's users behaviour and voila, which post gets first voted down and maybe even deleted...? The post of the newbie complaining about the behaviour of the other user. Another very good example showing this was a topic about something I dont remember (but I will try to find that topic) where a newbie asked for something and one of the answers was something like "I would rather prefer to see a nice Aerosoft member asking real questions than you asking such a dumb question." The question was voted down and the newbie replied "I would rather prefer you not being such a dumba**" and once more the miracle happened, rude answer voted up and the newbie posts voted all the way down. The funny part started when the newbie asking for support got an allert, that his post will be deleted if he continues like that. I mean, what the hell is that?! This looks like some users treat the newbies like Ryanair their passengers. They are asking for support in a good manner and what they get is this? Sometimes it looks like the forum rules and regulations only apply to newbies without experience... Of course... I dont say that the newbie isnt annoying sometimes, but he definitelly doesnt deserve this treatment from some members. Aerosoft should really regulate this much stronger and take a look at it. If you want, you can vote my post down the much you want, but for me the reputation points just arent a refference to the real person sitting in front of the computer, because the reputation points, both negative and positive, are often given without any acceptable reason. If this post gets voted down, then its a clear reply that the things I stated above are true. Greetings Max
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