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  1. There you have your Beaver already: https://m.facebook.com/Milviz/photos/a.274798289231220/3320780374632981/?type=3&anchor_composer=false 🤫
  2. Please put it at the bottom of the project list because the Twin Otter is already a great plane for bush flying. And we already have lots of GA planes. I personally would prefer the A330 (or A320) first because at this moment we don’t have a large study-level airliner in the new sim.
  3. That’s why I said “I know it is a work in progress” I only notice something that strikes me, but apparently I am wrong. So I don’t get why you called this a strong opinion.😉
  4. Was expecting the A330 first but love to see the CRJ in FS2020! The only thing that doesn’t look that good is the airport. I know it is a work in progress but it looks very old/FSX style, like a direct port or something like that. But I’m sure you will work it out.
  5. Thanks for your quick reply, I just solved the problem, a re-install of AES made the difference Now it works perfect! Thank you.
  6. Hello all, After a clean Windows and FSX installation i don't see any AES Lite traffic at the Mega Airports. Everything of the scenery seems to be OK, but there is no traffic at all. I allready used the AES traffic tool, but no results... Does Anyone know what's going wrong? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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