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  1. FSX was rushed out. The team took allot of shortcuts on its development and performance is one thing that was affected. I am sure Aerosoft won't have this issue since, afterall, they don't have a company like Microsoft rushing things. I just hope they are able to make something as large as FS. If they don't I simply won't enjoy it and will find myself going back to FS unless there is something really good about the sim that would make it enjoyable without the ability to travel around the world. Frankly, 2012 seems too soon for something this large.
  2. Yes, I have it on mine and my brother wants to have it as well on his computer in his room. We both like FS. Even if it doesn't have a limit, I still can't install the thing. It comes up with an error. Are there any typical issue that do not allow installation of this product?
  3. Hey guys, I bought the Diamond Katana yesterday and have to say it is better than I expected even though it is an old release. I am having trouble installing it into my bro's computer. It says that the unistaller can't be installed and then comes up with an error. Really preety much it does not let me install it in a second computer. I have proof of purchase and am the rightful owner. I would understand if there is a feature to deny multiple installations but again, it is done with my purchase. I should be able to do what I want with it as long as it is on my computers. Is there a way to fix this or bypass this feature? thank you
  4. I would buy it... but I wont. Who in the world can run FSX smoothly? I have a preety powerful computer and I am not even using in maximum setting and yet I get blurry textures and the like. I dont know what computer you guys are using but it must be a monster.
  5. I don't understand why developers put time limits in the download links like simmarket. You bought the darn products, you should always be able to download it. Thats the whole reason I bought an external harddrive, to save all those files.
  6. its a shame there can't be any photoreal runway and taxi textures. Shame on the FSX developers, sacrfificing scenery quality for more altitude was a bad idea. :x
  7. that is the carenado cessna 206 expansion pack. You can find the paint somewhere else. I would like to see better surrounding airports. Or fixing the runway because you can get confused selecting the new one and the old one.
  8. Any updates on this bird? its been about a month since its first public appearance.
  9. well, normally, pleaple would release Demo's after the game is released or atleast finished. It is strange it looks like this and it is set to be released in 2 month's. :?
  10. I suggest not to download it at all if you dont want to get dissapointed. I havre a top of the line comp and even thought I put all sliders to full it still isnt visually apealing. pleaple say it uses prebeta programming. Even microsoft was dissaponted at the demo I hear.
  11. boy, if you like it so much, you should have thought of buying the alphasim model. I highly recommend it. anways, Im looking forward to Aerosofts redemption surely to be a nice addition for FSX. you should include the flying boat version. Basicaly the one that doesnt have gear. It also has a nose observatory type thing. It would be a cool feature if people could actually scrool on the VC to the observatory and view the great FSX scenery from it.
  12. weell Ill choose Gippsland Airvan or the Quest Kodiak.
  13. Luis Muños Marin INTL in Puerto Rico.
  14. Someone was makeing a piper seminole but they closed I beleive. I was a beta tester. I think it was something like Anyways, now that I think about. Aerosoft havent made that many planes. 1.Super Cub 2.Dehavilland Beaver 3.Beech 18 4.Seahawk and I think the A-10 is also theirs. I think they make better sceenery than planes No offence I mean aerosofts planes are great but they have allot more scenery than planes.
  15. Aerosoft did not have any part of development on this package. They only distribute the disk version. It was completely made by carenado.
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