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  1. Could I ask a clarification pls? In order to have the fast WASM compiling you would need to have enabled it yourself first? In other words the default behaviour is the slow/standard compiling? I wasn't sure I was getting it. Seemed more like a discussion of two people "in the know".
  2. Hey. I had asked that before. For now they plan to do what they had.
  3. Hi Jo. I mean runways, taxiways, buildings of the airport etc. I'm sure you've seen airports appear pixelated or blurry at altitude. So that's the LOD control I'm referring to. Perhaps that's currently a limitation of the sim. It won't detract from the airport in any case, just curious.
  4. Could Mathijs or Jo say if you have any control over the LOD? So that the airport can appear clear/properly from distance/altitude.
  5. IF that happens it may be disappointing in the beginning, but do mind that Working Title are revamping the Garmin G1000 to become the sim default and will be close to 1:1. If I'm not mistaken the rest of the Garmin's will be taken care of as well in time, based on their other Garmin community projects. Take that last bit with a grain of salt, as we don't have concrete information yet outside the G1000. However, I do think that it stands to reason that whatever is in their community project repo atm, will eventually become a default in the sim, as they're now working with Asobo. Just a hunch.
  6. In which address can I send Belgian pralines and Greek goodies to lobby Jo to make LGAV for MSFS as well?
  7. @Mathijs Kok Could you say if you're developing the A330-300, A330-300E or some other variant? Thanks.
  8. The above quote is by Hans Hartmann about 1h ago. We'll just have to wait for them to identify the problem to know what the solution will have to be in order to be able to answer if "it's going to be fixed soon".
  9. I think that special recognition has to be given to the attention you've paid to the surrounding and satellite buildings and accessories of the airport. It looks great. I hope we're not too far from release now!
  10. You could fly most A320/A321 routes with an A330 as well. You just have to convince yourself that there's so much passenger traffic it made economic sense.
  11. The A330 can be versatile. Although not necessarily realistic, for Europe at least, it can easily serve routes between hubs (Intl airports) in short-haul and medium-haul and also give a great Atlantic crosser. It's also an undeniably pretty aircraft. I've said it before, but I really do think the best plane to land first is the A330. I hope Aerosoft have the same vision. If not, I trust that they can bring something unique to its smaller siblings, to have a reasonable interest to look beyond the FBW efforts.
  12. Not exclusive to the CRJ as a question. But would it be possible, at some point, to have native shared cockpit functionality, instead of relying in an external and fiddly mod/plugin?
  13. https://youtu.be/mg9BElY8jps?t=183 (landing compilation vid linked at appropriate time) Could we have the appropriate landing animation of the A320 as a first in a sim? I've never seen the "sitting-down" (03:08) effect done. Nor much animation of the undercarriage in any case. Most of the times it looks like you're landing a log. I'll keep hoping.
  14. Nothing wrong with their service. I just prefer having everything in one place and not having to manage multiple stores/accounts again.
  15. Hi @Mathijs Kok, are you (Aerosoft) considering expanding your portfolio of Greek airports? It would be great to see the coverage increased!
  16. Whatever the date is, I hope it hits the marketplace the same time with the regular release. Yes, I know Mathijs has indicated they will try.
  17. Hi @Mathijs Kok and great news! I especially look forward to the A330. Can I also get the chance to lobby for an A340-300 at some point? 😉
  18. I know you can't give a clear answer on this (though I have to try), but is there a possibility of the Airbus X release for X-Plane 10? Thanks!
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