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  1. I know that there´s nothing like that livery in the real world right now but maybe in some years? So let me know what you think about this first impression (early Beta) and the Logo at the tail is missing totally but could this bird become real some day? What would you change (size of United, colors, etc.)? If you like it, tell me what should be changed, made better, etc. and I´ll finish that paint. If not, I´ll just put it in the garbage bin
  2. This is a repaint for Aerosofts AirbusX in the colors of the audi Arabian Airlines HZ-AS12 A320 CFM (Version1), based on the Aerosoft paintkit. [EDIT] FILE UPLOAD DOESN´T WORK AT THE MOMENT [EDIT END]
  3. Hi Nolan! It´s OK! Apologize accepted! no need to worry. Everybody can be in a bad mood sometimes. It´s just not nice to see posts where I get the feeling I´ve wasted my rather rare spare time. But I think it´s better to stop such discussions right now. Hope you all enjoy our paints! I´m always glad to see a screenshot, story, etc. anywhere out there with my paints involved!
  4. Thank you guys! If you find any glitches, errors, etc. let me know. I´ll do a complete update round for all of my liveries where some errors were reported soon so if you need some changes to the US Airways fleet let me know!
  5. Here´s an early Beta of Saudi Arabian Airlines. Still some work to do (lining, Logo, etc.) but I hope you like the preview:
  6. This is a repaint for Aerosofts AirbusX in the colors of the US Airways N169UW A321 CFM (Version1), based on the Aerosoft paintkit.
  7. This is a repaint for Aerosofts AirbusX in the colors of the US Airways N508AY A321 IAE (Version1), based on the Aerosoft paintkit.
  8. 1010 downloads

    This is a repaint for Aeosofts AirbusX in the colors of the US Airways N508AY A321 IAE (Version 1.0) Repaint by Andreas Scharler, based on the Aerosoft paintkit.
  9. 1169 downloads

    This is a repaint for Aeosofts AirbusX in the colors of the US Airways N169UW A321 CFM (Version 1.0) Repaint by Andreas Scharler, based on the Aerosoft paintkit.
  10. Hi Nolan! I really thought about trashing that paint right after your very rude post! I´m sure you never did such a repaint or have a real life out there but be sure if you think beeing impatient is the right way to go you´re wrong! I´m not eraning any money with my paint and it´s just my spare time. Take what you get or leave it. Try it for yourself if you think you can do it faster or better. Sorry I´m really pissed after your post. I´m not a dude and have a nickname here as well as a real name. For all others: US Airways is on final and after some minor alignement changes at the tail
  11. don´t think so as it´s part of the purchase of Airbus X and my experience showed me that you won´t be able to create repaints without having the bird. So if you buy / bought the bird you´ll have the paintkit
  12. Hi Darryl! Sorry for the long delay but I´ve been out of order for two weeks now and it´ll take some more time to finish my A321 so if anyone wants to do the US Airways A321 just let me know and I won´t put any further effort in this paint. If no one will do it I´ll need some more time.
  13. Sorry to say but that´s now the second paint after my started Retro Air France that was made by Holgi without telling before so the US Airways A320 and Saudi Arabian will be my last paints (if they won´t be finished by someone else before). It´s a little bit annoying wasting time. Sorry but no Alitalia paint will be made by me.
  14. It seems that Aerosoft won´t create such packages. That´s the reason why our paints have been uploaded to the download section. Maybe there are some more paints in progress and I´m not sure what happened to some of the paints announcedin the preview thread but I think some won´t be released. My works in progress are the US Airways A321, an Alitalia A320 and the Saudi Arabian A320. I think those will be my last paints for now.
  15. It´ll be my final paint after Alitalia. But I´ll need some time.
  16. helialpin


    if you have bought AirbusX you´ll fintthe paint kit in your online store account where you can download your AirbusX, the manuals, etc.
  17. If you want, you can easily create such a list by searching this part of the download section: Airbus X liveries download If it´s too time consuming to search through this section for some people Im sorry. I won´t create a list and keep it up to date. Maybe someone else will do that but don´t expect any of the repainters doing it.
  18. Right after the US Airways. Hopefully next week
  19. will be changed! Thanks for the hint! If it´s the only mistake it´ll be done today.
  20. Have been busy with my RL job so I hope to show you a preview version today. It looks already fine from the nose to the part after the wings, the tail will follow today so give me some more days. You should be able to fly this bird the upcoming weekend.
  21. That´s it! Thank you! So I can continue my work!
  22. OK guys. Some homework for you: When searching for images of N508AY I saw a small logo on the left side next to the front door. It´s too small to find out what it shows. Can anyone give me a hint what´s shown on that logo? Otherwise I´ll have to skip that logo (would hate to do so because it seems to be found on many A321 of US Airways.
  23. After US Airways I´ll do the new color livery. Would you like to see the EI-DTN or any other bird?
  24. If you show me a new color livery with CFM engines & A321 you´ll get it. I´ve just found IAE so far. Have been to Vienna over the weekend so US Airways will be started today. Let´s see how long it´ll take to finish all the stripes at the tail! BTW: Air France retro has been done already so I won´t finish it. Waste of time!
  25. Hi Greg! Air France Retro is planned. Will try to do it during the upcoming week.
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