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  1. I had a similar problem when installing LGSR today. Resolved. now it is fine. Flew to LGSR, found the runway in a trench. I thought it was settings. changed settings, mesh etc. no improvement. Looked just like default scenery. Very sparse, "as in no houses" but mesh all corrupted. Didn't look at all like the pictures. Then it dawned on me I have had problems with Aerosoft scenery not fully installing before. The solution is to just find the folder location and add it yourself. I manually added on Santorini scenery through default MS FSX. Now perfect. I have purchased about 30 products from Aer
  2. I have the FSX version of LXGB, everything looks great. However there are no working ILS radio frequencies for either runway. Is there suppose to be? Even my prior freeware versions had 108.50 for rwy 27.This is a tough target to hit in the fog. texerrn
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