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  1. Recently purchased and installed German Regional. Could someone explain what the scenery files in the AFD folder do? I would assume they are airport elevation correction files, but does anybody know what are they correcting? I'm guessing that I should add them to the Little NavMap's 'exclude add-on recognition' list. Thanks, Ernie
  2. Perfectly happy to stay with FSX. All of my add-ins work and I'm saving some serious money by not having to constantly upgrade my hardware....
  3. The checkbox sets the current date and time to it's UTC equivalent. I asked Capt Pero about this at one time and he stated that the problem is that FSX/P3D only allows for pushing the 'local' time. The UTC time that you see in the simulator is calculated internally, so unavailable for setting by NG. Maybe he has found a workaround since then, but I've come to accept that the option isn't useful for me, so I just ignore it. Ernie
  4. There are probably other, possibly easier ways, but I would open ..\SIMstarter NG\data\SIMstarter NG Settings.ini and try changing "hidePlatformDialog=True" to "hidePlatformDialog=False". Ernie
  5. Yep! I was hoping to do it with a single exclude, but I can live with the alternative method. Thanks, Ernie
  6. Not sure if this is even possible, but I would like to exclude the FSX scenery folder from the export so that I am only exporting my add-on airports. If I leave things 'as is' and include the default scenery, then all goes well. However, if I add the scenery folder to the Exclude Path I get a 'Problem with GoogleEarth Export. Are you using 3rd party Addon Sceneries?' message. So, the question becomes; 'It is possible to do the above?' and if so 'What am I doing wrong?'. Thanks, Ernie
  7. Just create the different versions and save them, similar to what you indicated in your message. Then in the profile you are running specify the one you want to use in the Extended Settings -> Controls Profile option You could also use File Operations features in the Run ConfigSet to backup and rename them yourself. More work, but doable. A third, and the one most of us is is FSUPC. I don't know if the feature is available in the unregistered version, but, IMHO the additional features make it worth the Euro 24.00.
  8. It doesn't appear that SIMstarter is having trouble finding your list of aircraft, but only one specific aircraft, the Belle206B. Have you verified that the rotocraft exists and that it is visible in P3D, when P3D is loaded not using SIMstarter? Ernie
  9. I wish. That exhausted my bag of tricks. Capt Pero should be responding in the next couple of days. Good luck, Ernie
  10. A few things to try while you're waiting on a reply from Capt. Pero. 1) Make sure that you're using the correct Run ConfigSet. Sometimes it gets inadvertently changed and if you don't catch it you'll run the wrong one. 2) The 'Run Manager', where you specify the items to run has a 'test' button at the bottom right side of the grid. Try clicking on 'test' to see if Airtraffic Manager runs. If it doesn't run in test mode then it most likely is not going to do so when you run the profile. If test fails check path, options, etc. Also, if it doesn't run in the test mode make sure that 'Wait until Sim is ready.' is unchecked, or the the program won't display because it is waiting for the sim.. 3) Try taking a look at 'SIMstarter NG.log' in the application installed directory log folder to see if that is telling you anything. Ernie
  11. Hi Bert, If you didn't during the install, then I would recommend that you reinstall SIMStarter specifying the "Run as Administrator' option. If Windows 10 has it, I use Windows 7. SIMStarter needs to make changes because of Scenery, Clean Desk, Run Config, etc. Don't worry, it's not going to do anything to system files, non flight sim files, etc. If you don't you're going to that shield message asking for approval. I've found it pretty common with FSX vendors to ask that applications be installed using the 'run as' option. As for the logbook, it is going to be blank until you make a change in scenery, etc. which at that point will add an entry to it. Ernie
  12. Wow! Good catch guys.. Using the mouse button instead of the yoke switch to start the plane was the secret. A wee bit of smoke, then there was none.. This plane definitely needs an FAQ, or something posted that says; "got this problem? try this".. Thanks so much for the help.. I absolutely, positively couldn't have done it without you.. Ernie
  13. Thanks for pointing it out. It's likely a mis-communications between the Katana and my FSX control settings. I have one of the toggles on my CH Flight Yoke set to engine start/stop. Apparently, the Katana isn't picking up on the changes in the switch. I recall the manual, or setup screen, warning of a similar thing with flaps. I'll give it a go again and try clicking on the switch with my mouse rather than using the yoke switch. I didn't confirm the oil level in simple, but when I did the walk around in realistic mode.
  14. Thanks, automixture was already off per manual. I ran a couple of tests this morning in both Simple (skipping the walk around and making sure carb heat was off) and Realistic. I completely exited FSX and used the Aerosoft reset configuration option before the intial start of FSX and prior to each test. In realistic I ran both the maintenance and service inspections to insure there were no issues, performed the walk around and did the pre-flight. No differences, smoke in both cases. All guages looked good, or at least to me. I decided to try a short hop in simple mode. Successful take off and landing. Plane flew great, but smoke all the way to destination. Not visible from cockpit, but it was in external view. At least other pilots won't have trouble spotting my plane. Later today I will try the takeoff and landing in realistic to see if something breaks.. BTW, tests were done from "cold and dark". Ernie
  15. I haven't tried realistic mode yet, but give it a go tomorrow. I will also take your suggestion of just getting in and going in the simple mode. Will let you know what I find out. Ernie
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