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  1. Here is, what you need to do, to get missing Beaver gauges (3) working. 1) Go to Beaver panel directory and take Beaver.CAB to any empty working directory and extract the cabinet file. 2) Open gyro.xml with any text editor 3) Remove second line, which reads <!DOCTYPE Gauge SYSTEM "../gauges.dtd"> 4) Save gyro.xml 5) Do the same with files hsi.xml and vertical.xml 6) Create a new Beaver.CAB file and put it back into the panel directory. That's all. Bruno
  2. Hi, I know, how to get the the Beaver fully working in P3D, i.e. I am speaking of three gauges, which did not work, when copying the Beaver over to P3D. Because of permanent EULA discussions, I do not know whether to publish this or not. Maybe, Aerosoft could publish this as an update ? Bruno
  3. No, Gentlemen, you are wrong. I detected that panel.cfg refers on all main gauges to a file called BEAVER.CAB. This cabinet file is present. Opening this file, there are .xml files for each gauge. Working gauges are represented by .xml files as well as notworking gauges are. The BEAVER.CAB file makes all gauges working in FSX, but in P3D, HSI, GYRO and Vertical Speed Indicator, don't work. The rootcause must be the gauge definition inside the .xml file. Unfortunately, I am clueless on gauge programming. Thank you anyway. Bruno
  4. Hi, I want just to know, whether there is any chance to make all Beaver gauges working work in P3D; threee gauges are missing (see attached screenshot) ??? Thank you Bruno
  5. Thank you very much for the Flight Calculator. Happy New Year to the whole team of Aerosoft. Bruno
  6. Hello Shaun, thank you for looking after forum topics even on a Sunday. Best regards, Bruno
  7. Solution found !!! All not working missions are using standard FSX aircraft for AI purposes. I have removed all standard FSX aircraft, because I do not use it. DEBUG option from MISSION SDK and Object Placement Tool helped me to find the root cause. Bruno
  8. Hello Shaun, I have tried every single mission of the pack, simply to see what happens. TWO missions are definitely working, as expected; Taku Lodge and Sandspit Transit,all the others do not. After two missions are working, I cannot believe that my FSX installation is bad. As mentioned before, there must be any difference in mission definition files. Unfortunately I am not familiar with mission design, therefore I am clueless, where to look for differences. If you provide information where to look and for what to look, I can do it myself. One more finding: I have taken Taku2.xml from Taku Lodge directory and copied into Alaska Transit directory and renamed it to Alaska1.xml (as original xml-file)and ..... the mission is basically working now as MISSION !!! Question to the specialist; why does one xml-file work well and and another one obviously not ??? As mentioned above, I need simply to know where to look at. Bruno
  9. Hello Shaun, sorry; I forgott; it is ACCELERATION ! There must be any significant difference in definitons of the missions, after one loads and others not. Bruno
  10. Hello, I am running FSX Twin Otter 1.11 with ASC sound 1.01 and (new now) Twin Otter Mission Pack 1.02 + 1.03,OS is WIN7/32 Only Taku Lodge mission does load as mission and can be flown as mission, with radio traffic, etc. Alaska Transit missions do simply load as a "saved flight with flight plan" only; no radio traffic, etc. is active. When ending the Taku Lodge mission; END MISSION window pops up, as expected. When ending any of the Alaska Transit mission; END FLIGHT window pops up, which confirms, that no real MISSION was loaded before. To uninstall it and perform new installation did not help. What need I to do ? Bruno
  11. Hi, I am running WIN7/32, Soundblaster X-Fi (extreme Gamer) soundcard, latest driver, together with 2.1 speakersystem. Engine sound, after startup is absolutely perfect and keeps perfect for take off and initial climb. But then, especially after reducing power and rpm, engine sound gets more and more distorted. Terrible beat frequencies (Schwebungen) are getting more and more in the foreground and keep staying in the foreground. To PAUSE the simulation temporarily, does not help. I tried different settings for soundcard resp. driver; no success. I tried with and without ASC; not much difference. Can you advise anything ? Bruno
  12. Hello Shaun, you was right; the master switch has caused the problem. I have just entered a right turn (2D Cockpit), when I noticed, that the master switch changed from ON to OFF. I have no idea, what can a switch cause to change position by itself, but it obviously did. But now it’s not a problem, to switch it on again. Thank you again. Bruno
  13. Hello Mathijs, thank you for your quick reply. Yes, it happened three times again, absolutely in the same way. For some minutes after take off, all is fine and then again Altimeter, GPS, and Fuel Gauge failed. I “paused” the flight and loaded a different aircraft, i.e. Old Style Panel, 5 Seats Floats. I have to say, that I am always flying with old style panel. All worked well after loading the aircraft. I continued the flight (levelled off) , at an altitude of 2500 ft near Ketchikan (Misty Fjords Scenery), but after some more minutes; same problem. I try to attach the .flt file; I hope it will help. I changed filetype from .flt to .doc, because .flt files are not permitted to attach. Regards Bruno
  14. Hello, I experienced three times absolutely the same problem with DHC-2 Floats 8 Seats, White Air River Services. I was flying in Misty Fjords area, when suddenly Altimeter Gauge freezed at present altitude reading, GPS failed (screen dark) and all three Fuel Gauges indicated zero Fuel, though each tank was appr. 50% full. The flight could be continued without any additional malfunction, but the mentioned gauges stayed dead. Regards Bruno
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