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    Airpark Sales and A question

    I'll wait. It's always better to have more options, right?!
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    Airpark Sales and A question

    http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=Conditional_Animation_Tool Found a link to a tool that enables this. For FS2004, don't know if it's possible to port to FSX. http://flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=86003 Some hangars examples...
  3. Any plots left? Looking on the map, and I see some empty ones. I'm extremely interested!!! And in the topic below I saw that there was an option for open or closed hanger. Is it possible to be able to open/close using NAV frequencies? IE I'm tuned to 129.67 and my hangar opens. But I then switch off my NAV TX and it closes...
  4. Not to put anything on Andras, but as far as I know, Andras Field is full. Any plans to design another scenery with this same system of lot ownership? Possibly in the US, Europe, Asia, etc.? Maybe a real airpark?