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  1. When I try to run AES help from my desktop it comes up with an error messgae saying run config.exe from directory FS...... It is in the correct directory. How can I uninstall AES and start again?
  2. I don't know if this will help. If you save a flight in FSX then change the installation in AES it seems to corrupt the data files. Try creating a new flight, park at the gate, shut down engines and apply parking brake. That has worked for me.
  3. Why are the ground vehicles in white? They have no colour but they have a shape or outline
  4. I have just installed AES v2.21. Are you trying to use an existing flight you have saved in FSX? If yes then try and create a completly new flight as sometimes flight data gets corrupted when you use an existing saved flight with new software.
  5. I have upgraded to ver 2.21 and now I cannot use the FS help icon on my desktop, as it tells me to use the path\c:programes\programmefiles(x86)\fsx\aes.config.exe. I have reinstalled the software but get the sane message. Also when I use Munich X the airport vehicle are all blank (white). Can you help me please Danke Steve
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