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  1. Thanks Shaun, That worked. Ray
  2. Hello Otto, Yes I did use some files from backup, but I've searched every where I know to look for flight plans, weather, any file that might be assioated with Lukla. Obvoisly, I'm missing something. Thanks, Ray
  3. I had a harddrive issue and had to reinstall FSX. All of my Aerosoft products reinstalled with no issues, execpt for LuklaX. I keep getting an error message saying that "LuklaX is already installed". I did a file search for any files with Lukla and deleted all that it showed. My question is, where is the installer picking up the installed issue? Thanks, Ray
  4. Can we look forward to Pittsburgh? It's never been done as an addon that I"m aware of...
  5. Yeah, the red bar issue is real annoying! Hope it can be fixed soon! Ray
  6. I'd like to second Kofi's pre-war variant. Very nice model, too! Ray
  7. ok well, I had the download shop send me a new password, it ddn't work. I reset the password myself from the account page and still no luck. This is the same for all the installers. I get a "worng password" error message.
  8. I keep getting an error message that says invalid password?
  9. I got my new downloads, Thank you, but since I bought the products my download shop password has changed. I guess I need new reg Numbers? Ray
  10. I'm sure this is an old story, but I had a hard drive crash and bought a new comp (for fsX). I lost most of my downloads, but still have the confirmation e-mails. I really miss my Aerosoft addons, so how do I go about getting them back? Ray
  11. First let say that I'm very impressed with this scenery. It's beautiful and I'm getting great frame rates, even on my older computer!The only problem I'm having is loading saved flights, I get a CTD at about 50% on the loading screen. The only addon that could be affecting this area is FScene textures. I read on one of the posts here that FS only recognizes summer textures in this area and have been setting my flights season to summer. If I load from one of the included flights, I have no problem, but if I try to save or use "create a flight" I get this CTD. I've tried this at all the included
  12. Any news, I'm waiting on this one.
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