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  1. Do we receive some kind of notification when the box is shipped? no notice here, yet.
  2. Hi! I think as Laminar are working on bugs right now it would be better to send the info directly to them. See here: http://www.x-plane.com/blog/2011/11/where-to-get-help-where-to-file-bugs/
  3. wrong. wrong. Oh well. They'll learn.
  4. now wondering what I have ordered (order no. 23189, early on nov.12). But I like the idea. The demand really is there
  5. @dilodilo: "Laminar does not like that's it talked about it" - see my post above. We should respect that.
  6. There is an even better, more simple option to the "DVD 1 issue". Problem is that Laminar does not like that's it talked about it, because it MIGHT also be a way for pirates to do their thing. However it is 100% legal for personal use. I won't mention it for said reasons, Mathijs could do this himself if Aerosoft want to give the hint. But as a matter of fact everybody using a PC/MAC should come up with the idea very easily himself. So before getting angry about the DVD, think about what you can do with it.
  7. not initially. may come somwhere within the version 10 run. What we see now is a base for a sim that will be evolving for at least 4-5 years. It's also right that it does take some time to find the settings one wants - even for me, whose now uses x-plane for many years. just take some time and trial and error, don't give up too easily after trying the 10 min demo once or twice.
  8. already placed my order in the aerosoft store. i'm patient for these additions.
  9. Some of the last posts remind me of this thread, where we battled againt each other with the size of our custom scenery folders: http://forums.x-pilo...x-plane-folder/ Mine is still growing and for sure old time xplaners are happy that their scenery will work with version 10. That's why I am going to have 5865 airports with buildings from the start with xplane 10. And the good news for people coming from the Microsoft franchise to xplane is that some (! not all !) of the scenery for MSFS is easily convertable (i.e. the buildings and airport layout, but no animations etc.) with the tool fs2xplane. e.g. see this thread: http://forums.x-plan...showtopic=44099
  10. Why don't you give yourself a rest and wait until there is the demo version, download it, have a look, and decide from there. But you're right, there will never be a DirectX version, as only with OpenGL all three platforms (OSX, Linux and Win) as well as iOS and Android can be supported.
  11. those do work out of the box. For switch panel and the like there is a freeware plugin available (for all 3 platforms): http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=14646
  12. http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=68&osCsid=62711ee31c753f3fdcf43c3e05e79b44 Maybe you'd like this CRJ. Or the Q400: http://store.armchairaviation.com/ And if you can wait a bit: Check the previews for the IXEG 737: http://forums.x-pilot.com/index.php/topic/939-the-b737-classic-project/page__hl__ixeg__fromsearch__1 There are many more beautifully modelled planes in X-Plane 9 today. And Carenado is there. You are right in the sense that there are also developers who still model like X-Plane would be still version 8.
  13. I can't answer the aerosoft questions, but 1 & 5) Check the links I gave some posts above. Nobody has seen the initial version that's making it into version 10.0 yet. 3) they have a beta version but there is no decisions made just yet. It may well be they never come to xplane. 5) It will. As a matter of fact the developer already announced further improvements to the plane. However, those are really refinement. ALL version 9 (and I guess version 8 also) planes will work in XP10. At least that's what Laminar wants to ensure. (same for version 9 scenery).
  14. I am aware that MSFS users may experience this as a limitation (at least initially). Just saying that for us XP-pilots it is an improvement and that we know that further improvements come through the version run (just look what was improved for version 9: http://www.x-plane.com/changelog.html). What I myself would really want is something different: "Pilotdedge Worldwide". Because interacting with real people and real ATC is a different and more immersive simulation indeed.
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