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  1. Hi, Another nice addition to the AES fleet would be Q-Catering (Qantas) for the VOZ 1.8 Brisbane International - Name of airline/airport: - Q-Catering (Qantas Catering) - Single Vehicle/Whole fleet (If single please state name): Catering Trucks only - To be shown at ONE/various airports or Worldwide? (If one please state): Brisbane International (YBBN) - Links(not embeded) to images of vehicles (very important!): http://www.flickr.com/photos/legoblock/6311747620/ http://www.cairnsair...ering_truck.jpg And the company logo if it helps: http://www.qantas.com.au/qcatering/images/no_flash_logo.gif I will attempt to find out more about the ground handling services at Brisbane and provide pictures in a later request Once again a big thanks to all the efforts that are being made here! Cheers, Florian
  2. Hi Abdull, Great work with your Vito Followme collection! Small details make a big difference! Thanks alot for the effort! I found a picture of the Vito at Hamburg Airport (EDDH) here: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/27833/Flughafen_Hamburg_-_Verkehrsaufsicht_1 The rest of the fleet seem to be VW's at the moment but this link shows how the Vito probably looks from the back too: http://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/72932/Flughafen_Hamburg_-_Verkehrsaufsicht_3/photo/113008 Would be great to see it in package 3! Keep up the great work! Cheers Florian
  3. Hi all, I would like to request the following airport: - Name of airline/airport: STARS / GroundStars Hamburg - Single Vehicle/Whole fleet: Fleet - To be shown at ONE/various airports or Worldwide? (If one please state): Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel - EDDH/HAM - Links(not embeded) to images of vehicles (very important!): http://www.panoramio.com/photo/9356532 - Stairs http://i1155.photobu...eddymax1/19.jpg - Logo detail on stairs http://www7.pic-uplo...nfeuqiey1zm.jpg - Tug http://www8.pic-uplo...ouaoxmlc89j.jpg - Baggage loader & Tug (Small baggage loader is red all over as well - unfortunatley could not find pic as yet) http://www.airliners...9-112/0336733/L - Bus http://www.panoramio.../photo/24694588 - Bus http://www.airport.d...g/Rundfahrt.jpg - Bus http://www.flickr.co...boy/5521665135/ - Aral Fuel Truck http://www.flickr.co...net/6027994137/ - Groundstars vehicle (I beleive all cleaing service vehicles are in red like this example) UPDATE: http://www.airport.de/resources/img/Enteisung_gross.jpg - Anti icing truck I hope the above info is useful... It would be great to see Hamburg receive the custom AES treatment! Thank you to all the painters for the great efforts so far! Always three greens! Florian
  4. Schau mal bei avsim vorbei, da gibt es AFCAD dateien für GAP flughäfen ohne static flieger....bei mir benutzen die AI flieger auf diesen airports alle parkpositionen ohne problem Gruss Florian - YSSY
  5. Ich nehme an das das auch für die anderen GAP2 flughäfen gilt? zb. Köln, Dortmund usw. Wehre natürlich schade wenn FS9 nutzer diese airports ausmissen würden Gruss Florian - YSSY
  6. Just one final update from me..... I have found that if i press pause when I approach Frankfurt City and pan around in external view and let all textures load completley my graphics card seems to "catch up" so to speak, then all displays correctly. One thing can be said with 100% certainty this was never an issue relating to SG4...just my pc :wink: Now that this is solved and out of the way.....I'm heading north on to Bremen! 8) Cheers Florian - YSSY
  7. Hi Marco, Thats not what I was expecting...I was sure your FS would have been right :wink: ...everything else was/is playing up with mine so I naturally assumed that this was another by-product of my problem. Last night I updated my drivers to catalyst 6.7 and changed the mip map level in the FS settings from 4 to 5 and now the building displays *sometimes*. But when I refresh it goes blurry again. I will keep working away at it till i find a fix or buy a better graphics card 8) Thanks for all your efforts Marco! I'm sure we will catch up in the Hamburger Flusi Treff from time to time Cheers Florian - YSSY
  8. Hi Marco! Your right, my building is in a completley different position. However I came across this pic in the Avsim review: http://www.avsim.com/pages/0706/G4/frankfurt2.jpg and the building there is in the same position as mine. :shock:......i would check myself as to where the building is supposed to be but Sydney is a bit far from Frankfurt :wink: I am at work at the moment so i cannot tinker with the flightsim unfortunaltey. But I do have a feeling that your right about performance though. I also have GAP1 and the world cup stadiums as well....perhaps my video card just isn't up for it..... I can assure you that my SG4 is of a higher priority to MAF. However by memory my SG4 LC and "Scenery Germany Terrain" are also higher than MAF. Is this perhaps a problem? I will do a bit more playing around at home and will update if i can get anything to change Thanks again for your help Florian - YSSY
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies @Shaun - Refreshing the scenery does not seem to help. The textures only appear clearly for a short time if i am very close to the building. @Marco - The performance of the PC should be ok, I still have 45GB free hard drive space, 1024MB of RAM and a ATI Radeon 9600pro 256MB video card. My frame rates around the area are not too bad. Cheers Florian - YSSY
  10. Hi all, I have recently installed Scenery Germany 4 and went for a quick flight in and around Frankfurt. I have noticed that the textures on one of the highrises are staying blury for some reason. It is only when i fly very veryclose to the offending building that the textures clear up and display correctly. I have searched the forum to see if anybody has had a similar issue but it does not seem to be the case. Here are some screens of the the problem.. I also have Mega Airport Frankfurt as well as the rest of the Scenery Germany series installed. Hope someone can help Kind Regards Florian - YSSY
  11. Ich habe mir SG1 auch vor ein paar tagen angeschaft und habe das problem in Mannheim auch. Gibt es ein weg das zu klären ohne FS zu deinstallieren? Gruss Florian - YSSY
  12. Das sieht herrvoragent aus.....Freue mich schon darauf Gruss Florian - YSSY
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