We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. Yes, I've seen that Alain. It's interesting, 2 camps now, one betting the house on ms, the other xplane. Hopefully both will do well, but having tasted both sims, I feel xplane is the future. Ha, but I've still prepaid for YMMB and YBAS! Maybe they'll sell the airports once the market increases in xplane.
  2. Being in Australia it's great to hear the osm data is being used around the globe. I'm hearing we should be able to Customize the autogen for each region- big opportunities there! Like an automated Orbx! Re. Airports, once we all get the new World Editor and scenery tools, many will start building their own local airports (sorry, I'm reserving YMML and YMMB :-) ) and then have those layouts conveniently redistributed via updates, so yes, within a few months the default airports should look pretty good! Thanks for your work Mathijs, it should be a great alliance with xplane!
  3. Aw, that IS a teaser! Just a tiny glimpse of the ice.
  4. Good question, any live streaming/blogging so we can all chat about it live? That would be great, I'd even stay up in Australia at 4am for that!
  5. Whoops, almost forgot- as long time volunteer supporters/promoters of xplane (about to be made redundant I think !!), we got some new exclusive screenshots. gobsmacking :-) we are night/dusk lighting junkies and I think they know it. http://xplane10.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/the-news-heard-round-the-ramps-for-28-october-2011/
  6. Hey mike, check our blog out, we jumped into scenery development for xplane awhile back, it's not too hard once u get the basics! You use WED (world editor) to place pre-modeled objects around, but need sketchup/blender/ac3d to build original objects. Lots of good changes to scenery development I hear, they'll announce in good time.
  7. Thanks for those latest pics Mathijs. My eyes are searing from those building shadows! This looks totally different to xp9. Now the already very good payware planes have a very pretty home to fly in- although with scenery this good, I may just stay in my Dreamfoil R22 heli for quite a bit.
  8. Congrats to all and hope the next 20yrs is as eventful. Wow, Nathalie hasn't changed a bit..
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