!! Windows 7 no longer supported !!

As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. Is there an easier way to configure the EFB on the FFA320Ultimate I keep getting this error. Steve. sbucknerbcs@yahoo.com
  2. I have a question on the A3XX professional, I have both pre-pro A318/19 and A320/21 single licence and I was just wondering will I'm able to get the bundle upgrade or do I have to get them individually? Thank you, Steve sbucknerbcs@yahoo.com
  3. Mathijs, I and my fellow flight simmers support your idea of another 8 weeks on the A318/19 project.







  4. I've installed US Cities X - Chicago and found it has a great view, But I also found that it dosent have night lighting. Does anybody know of a fix or update to the problem. Please eMail me. sbucknerbcs@yahoo.com
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