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  1. Hi friends i think i found it. I just had to uninstall the closest windows update right after i updated to p3d v4.4 and then other thing i did was to uncheck the rudder axis then i tried and it was opposite, then checked again rudder axis and now its working fine again. Thanks for your tips...
  2. Hi i bought the product weeks ago before the v4.4 update and it was all working good. Previously ( p3d v3 ) i quit using the aerosoft airbus for a while and now the same issue showed up again. i have already tested other payware aircraft and they all good. The aircraft is turning to the right side when taxing and i have apply full left pedal rudder so it goes straight and whenever i release it turns back to the right side. Basically applying the left rudder pedal is just try to keep the nose wheel straight and meaning there is no left turn when taxing. i had to quit flying the bus in p3d v3 till now that i bought this one. its strange but i need your help guys. please i like to fly the A321. Thanks
  3. Hi I just bought it yesterday and i am trying to do some repaint. Is there any main full fuselage file i can get so i can paint the a321? The paintkit doesn't bring the full fuselage file. Need help and thanks
  4. Hi I just would like to know where i can download the new crj paint kit... I just bought it today....... Thanks.....
  5. Hi Herman i hope you are doing great. My AV and windows firewall are always off and i just turn on the AV twice a week to scan for viruses. I use the wirar for the zip and I will follow your instruction concerning to the browser and German server download. Herman thanks for your reply....
  6. Hi since i have bought the scenery on 11/20/16 the problem is still the same. I have downloaded and installed more than three time and its the same thing happening. It install the scenery but there is not texture folder. whenever i check the scenery in p3d v4 is all black as it was also in p3d v3. I contacted FSDG and they told me to check with aerosoft since i bought at aerosoft website.Any clues? I think its just the texture folder missing. order # 846908. Thanks and ill be waiting for your help.
  7. Madrid and Lisbon - The picture message says that is already installed and to uninstall before run the installer. These two sceneries are not installed and i even went to check at control panel, Fs9 aerosoft folder and it doenst show none of these two sceneries. Anchorage one of the terminal just show the gates without the terminal building and i already reinstalled more than 3 times. Whenever i bought the Anchorage scenery it gave me an option to install the launcher and it shows an error message and so the instalation is never completed. Inside launcher folder there is a sub folder with names of some sceneries and some sceneries i didnt ever bought it. Guys what is the laucher main function? Please i need help. Lisbon event is coming up on March17 on vatsim network and i dont want to miss it. Help Please.......
  8. Hello Aerosoft Support , I am having the same situation as Juan Rodriguez, I am developing the scenery for Luanda, Angola ( FNLU ) and i would like to make that scenery compatible with AES. So i am looking if i can find a PDF manual so i can read requirements and regulations or then an explanation for Aerosoft support staff. I am Aerosoft customer too and i am satisfied with the service that support have provided to myself. I hope to ear from you soon. Thank you.
  9. I just bought the scenery today download version and i installed into my fs2004, but i couldn't install the upgrade because is asking for the cd room key. I tried with the key for the scenery that i bought and it didn't work. I also did a flight from Madrid to GCXO airport with A340 wilco, i landed safe but on my way to the gates the fs crashed any clue on how i can install the upgrade???? Please i need help.Thank you.
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