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  1. OK, thanks Oliver. I'll watch for a new version of the download there. I'd bet that 75% or more of the virtual flights in/out of PANC are cargo...in fact I can't remember the last time I flew a pax jet through there. But, as part of my system rebuild I managed to discover it during testing. Cheers Bob Scott
  2. The SODE batch files provided for PANC Pro do not take into account the renamed ADE file in the P3Dv5 version. As a result, when you run the SODE-ON.bat file it moves in a SODE-compatible ADE file, but does not delete the non-SODE ADE file (PANC_ADEV5-OP01.bgl) because the del command in the batch script is trying to delete the old (P4Dv4) file (del PANC_AFX-OP*.BGL). This results in double ADE files, and double jetways as both the SODE and the IK jetways appear at each gate. The description of the SODE file on the download page says it's for "v4/v5" Regards Bob Scott
  3. I was just looking at the product page for LIMC/Milano Malpensa, and it says that optional SODE jetways are available from the developer at https://www.flightsimsupport.net/ If you follow that link to David Rosenfeld's page, it shows a download link to the SODE jetways, and that gives a 404 file not found error. Are the SODE jetways still available somewhere for this addon? Regards Bob Scott
  4. One thing missing from the data up-thread is the GPU load when these stutters occur. I suspect that this is actually not a GPU issue and that GPU loads during these stutters aren't hitting the trouble zone (>85% GPU load). But nobody has shown that data in this discussion. winstonwolf's graphs above show that the combination of the CPU main thread on logical processor (LP) 0 and whatever is running on LP1 are maxxing out the first physical core (Core 0). Remember that on an HT-enabled CPU, both LP0 and LP1 share that first physical core, so if the combined load across the two LPs is at or above 100%, the threads running on those LPs are slowed down considerably as the physical core swaps between the LPs and splits its processing time. The thing to try here is to set an affinity mask that reserves the first core for the P3D main thread only, and I also do that for the rendering threads running on Core 1. So for a hexacore CPU with HT enabled, that means setting an affinity mask of 4085 (111111110101). It doesn't cost anything to try this. It might also be worth trying with HT off (no AM required in that case). Also, since it appears the CPU is getting hit hard at EDDK (something that also happens under other heavy scenery/autogen loads such as with some ORBX regions), setting a low value for FiberFrameTimeFraction (default is 0.33) will give the main thread some more processing time, at the expense of terrain/texture loading, to process the heavy load. I use a Dynamic FFTF utility to progressively drop my FFTF from 0.33 down to 0.01 as the altitude drops below 3000 ft AGL. But to see if this could help, you can just set a lower static FFTF value in the Prepar3D.cfg file and see if it helps with the stutters. Again, it costs nothing to try. There is need for some balance, as setting it too low can cause blurries, hence my choice to use the utility to start dropping the FFTF as I get lower in altitude and my visibility range to the horizon starts shrinking. Low FFTF values give more CPU time to the main thread and less to terrain/texture loading. If reduction of CPU loads using either of these methods helps, consider reducing autogen settings as another alternative, as well as AI traffic load, as these all together contribute to high CPU loads, and when the core running the main thread starts bumping against the 100% wall, stuttering is likely soon to follow. Regards Bob Scott
  5. CFM engines, in case you were wondering...
  6. CFM engines, in case you were wondering...
  7. Oliver; I noticed that the list of airports says the new Anchorage-X is three credits, but it's charging only two credits when activated. Cheers Bob Scott
  8. Hi Oliver; Is it possible, or could it be possible to expose an LVar that a panel could read to determine the presence of the fuel truck? What I'd like to do with my (freeware) aircraft is add a gauge that re-fuels the jet according to a pilot-approved dispatch sheet when the AES fuel truck arrives. Even better, if there were another LVar that could be set by the panel to hold the truck there (until the refuel is complete) that would be wonderful. That way the truck appears via the normal AES request, the panel detects its presence and sets the "hold" var while the fuel upload occurs according to the dispatch sheet, and then the panel resets the hold var to 0 and the fuel truck can depart per normal. Is that something you'd consider doing? I think that some exposed vars to determine state of certain AES events would provide some interesting development possibilities...for example, I could program the nosewheel to turn if I can detect that the tug is connected while turning during a pushback. Cheers Bob Scott
  9. Well, the happy ending is that TropicalSim sent me the updated scenery, so it's all sorted now. Thanks for the quick support Oliver. Cheers Bob
  10. TropicalSim has a standalone version 2 of their KDAB scenery...apparently they are still selling an older version of the KDAB scenery as part of their Carribean scenery bundle, which is what I bought from SimMarket in May 09. Might be a good idea to highlight "V2" in your compatibility list. I will take up the problem with selling outdated software directly with them. Cheers Bob
  11. Hi Oliver; The airport is in the scenery list, but there is no kdabx_gate1.bgl file. I see three jetway-related bgl files...kdabjetway1.bgl, kdabjetwaystat.bgl, and kdab-intljetway.bgl. Is it possible the kdabx_gate1.bgl is only in the fsx version of the scenery (hence the "x" in "kdabx_..." ? Regards Bob Scott
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