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  1. its about Lukla Mount Everest Extreme,because i read about EDDK wich i already have updated via instanddownloads from my account at aerosoft
  2. bought as boxed version at Lelystad in begin of november in firsth place got problem with serialnumber and your helpdesk gave me correct SN ,now i got information from aerosoft updater version that i got update and have to download new installer from shop account ,that is for boxed version the update-datenbank ,downloaded the version 3 times because may be i was to early installed that and found out that the number of version is still and the red warningtext remains in the updater,also at control panel at it possible that i did something wrong with installation or do i have to remove firsth the scenery ?
  3. Lukla mount everest Extreme update not possible to download at my shop account at updatesection ,i had a boxed version so i cant download from section were downloaded versions are ,so at the the updatesection of my aerosoft account have still the version at update datenbank,
  4. have downloaded and installed update Lukla Mount everest Extreme but stil gives version and still updater shows red warning for update ,updated 2 times no change
  5. thank you for this gift ,you have great products Johannes de Jong
  6. dear sir had the same problem ,thanks to your advise problem solved ,gratulation for the nice scenery Johannes de Jong
  7. thanks also ,it was also my problem and it was just installing whit right mouseclick to installingknop to administrator ,very clear thank you
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