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  1. Hi, Downloaded the launcher, activated it and now it works perfectly. Thanks a million.
  2. I have the boxed version and no, I don´t use Ultimate terrain, do I have to uninstall first and then reinstall ?
  3. Hello, I have purchased Mega Airport Lisbon and Mega Airport Barcelona, installed both, with Lisbon no problem. With Barcelona it happens that with the first installation no buildings, terminals, aircraft or moving vehicles at all, and all the ground was like grass, no aprons, taxiways or runways. Uninstalled and installed again, the same. Unistalled and installed again for the third time and this time the aprons, taxiways and moving vehicles are alright, but NO BUILDINGS, NO TERMINALS AND NO AIRCRAFT....... and I have checked the instructions about the .BGL files as given to other buyer but
  4. Hi there, flightsimmers, I bought ACP COMPACT years ago which one of the IT persons in the office installed in my PC. I have changed PC (operating system Windows XP home edition) and reinstalled the ACP COMPACT but transponder and frequencies buttons do not work. Could anybody tell me what I have to do so it fully works ?, e.g. change any configuration in FS9, etc? Thanks to whoever can help me. Partner.
  5. Buenas tardes: Tengo el FS9 y ayer al abrirlo me salió una indicación diciendo que "su disco no tiene espacio, Flight Simulator se cerrara, chequee la capacidad del disco". Resulta que todavía tengo memora suficiente en el disco de 62GB, con lo cual desinstalé el FS9 y lo volví a instalar, pero al insertar el 4º CD me sale un pop up que dice que se ha instalado pero "incompleto"...... bueno pues lo vuelvo a desinstalar...... e instalar. Lo mismo y esta vez opto por la opción de "ignore" para continuar, se instala pero me dice que algunos archivos no han sido copiados. Lo abro para comenzar
  6. Hola, Para Navidades me han conseguido el FSX Deluxe Edition y me he bajado la version registrada de FSUIPC4. Tengo la Flight Simulator Yoke USB, Pro Pedals y Throttle Quadrant de CH PRODUCTS, pero mientras que en el FS9 al bajarme la version FSUIPC3 me funcionó todo correctamente sin hacer ajustes --incluidas las reversas para los jets que además se veian retroceder en el "spot view"--, resulta que ahora con el nuevo simulador y el nuevo FUIPC4 no me funcionan y los parametros que salen en cada "throttle" de dicho módulo son diferentes. Alguien me podria ayudar a configurarlos para que tod
  7. Hi, I have just purchased your USA edition and I am learling how to fly the ATR´s and BAe146, will leave the AIRBUS for later. However and after installed on my PC (FS2004), to create a flight plan I see in the aircraft section "EUROWINGS PRO 2" with nice B-737/400 liveries: BA, TK, AF, CZ, KL, LH, Ryan Air, Transavia. I have tried to create a flight and when done so, the b-737 panel does not appear on the screen, I only see the aircraft in the selected livery when I change the view to "spot plane". Is there any way to use these liveries also, but seeing the panel, at least the default FS2
  8. Hi there, I might sound newby or silly, but in any case I must admit I am not good at all with computers....... although I am good at flying, I used to work for an airline at operations dept. in Madrid´s Barajas airport and learned a lot from pilots. Have a question: I have purchased Spanish Airports, Balearic Islands and Gibraltar and also Canary Islands. I installed them without problems, but when creating a flight, when I assign the departure gate (finger or parking at the apron), when starting the flight I see that my aircraft is not correctly parked and neither are the others, they are
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