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  1. Although the forum title says this will work for Airbus X, I am getting a black texture, I've tried a manual install too. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. All, Apologies for probably asking this question, which has more than likely been asked already. I only have a few minutes and this thread as 12 pages. Do we know when the update is going to be released? i understand that its my problem as i should have looked into this before purchasing the product, I just want to know if to sell it as its sitting in its box which is pretty much a brand new game, i have only flown it a couple of times and cannot fly it online, due to the time it takes putting in the SIDs and STARs. Thanks to everyone involved in trying to make this happen, i hope the update will be soon as everything else is perfect, and would love to keep this add-on. Az
  3. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a tool that will produce SIDS and STARS which i can then put int a FSX flight plan. At the moment i am manually putting in the waypoints SIDs and STARS. VRoute is great for the route however i does not give me the SID and STARS, I hope a tool is availble if not my new purchase of Airbus X will need to go, I am a begineer looking for a more complex aircraft, this is a good addon, however if the FMC is working should it not have a SID and STARS built in? Thank you Az
  4. Rudder issue and Sluggish Airbus A320 resolved..Thank you very much, Az
  5. Hi All, I have just purchased Airbus X ,and would be really gratful if anyone has got a annswer to the below, Rudder - When landing on the runway or just before landing the rudder will rudder left or rudder right so the plane crashes, it does it all the time, this will not be acceptable online? Flying - When using any aircraft banking left or right it responds straight away inc the default A321, does anyone know why when flying the Airbus X A320 that turning left or right or even up and down its so sluggish? Thanks everyone, Az
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