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  1. Dear mopperle: Please find the screenshots attached. 1. Without selecting P3D v4 folder 2. Selecting P3D v4 folder and then PMDG 777 P3D aircraft. Haseen Ahamd.
  2. Dear srcooke: i tried to do as you said. I made a flight plan from VGHS to VEGT. When tried to export to PMDG 777 in my P3D v4.4, error message displayed: 0 routes saved, 1 error occurred. Can I do it manually? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  3. I make flight plans with PFPX and save them in a folder in notepad. I want to use the flight plans for PMDG 777 and 747 v3. I would like to click RTE REQUEST in the FMS CDU RTE page and retrieve the pfpx flight plan to simulate datalink route request. Can I do it? Please help. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  4. Dear Bjorn: Thank you very much for your explanatory reply. AP and AT Disconnect key mapping: I use Saitek Pro yoke, throttle quadrant and pedals. How can I use the yoke and throttle switches to disconnect AP and AT? Is there a separate Simcheck key mapping? Regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  5. Dear Bjorn: Thanks for replying. Please refer to the second part of my q no.1. If I engage autopilot(AP) at 400 ft, the pitch mode shows PITCH. Then what next pitch mode the pilots select in real life, VSPD or IAS? Regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  6. Dear: I download/purchased the Simcheck A300B4-200 for my FSX from on 11.07.11. I have the following queries: 1. When should the autopilot be engaged after take off? Exactly which subsequent pitch mode should be selected after SRS? 2. During a manual landing with autothrottle engaged, will the throttles retard automatically during flare? 3. The joystick(Saitek Pro) AP and AT disconnect switches don't work. Kind regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
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